DANIU Lighting LED 5X Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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37% off DANIU Lighting LED 5X 740mm Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp with Clamp Hands USB-powered LED Lamp Magnifier with 3 Modes Dimmable – Black Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  1. Turn down the brightness
  2. Power Switch
  3. Adjust the color of the light
  4. Turn up the brightness


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DANIU ADS1013D 2 Channels Oscilloscope Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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38% off DANIU ADS1013D 2 Channels 100MHz Band Width 1GSa/s Sampling Rate Oscilloscope with 7 Inch Color TFT LCD Touch Screen Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Multi function AUTO ANTI-BURN

Rich features Humanized operating

Dual Channel Oscilloscope Engineer R & D weapon


-Electronic DIY
-Appliance repair
-Car repair
-Equipment debug
-Scientific research
-Product development

  • Antiburn
  • Autoset
  • Screenshot
  • Picture viewer
  • USB export
  • 7-inch screen
  • Touch operation
  • FFT display
  • X-Y mode
  • Long standby

Debugging weapon

  • Oscillating circuit
  • Opamp circuit
  • Inverter circuit
  • PWM driver
  • Mains measure
  • Switch circuit
  • Digital circuits
  • Bus circuit

Full touch 7 inch screen Full-fitting 7-inch 800 * 480 resolution color TFT LCD display with brig ht colors and high contrast; the touch mode is capacitive touch screen,which is the same as the modern mobile phone iPad touch mode, and it
is by no means an ancient nail-type resistance touch screen

Dual channel input With 2 input channels and IM ohm input impedance, it can measure two different groups of signals at the same time. The two input groups can be compared to determine the analysis problem, such as the comparison and analysis of the input and output signals of the power amplifier unit to test its magnification. And distortion, output internal resistance, and other characteristics, or half-bridge full-bridge switching power supply complementary PWM and other signals testing, compared to a single channel has a wider range of applications

Intelligent anti-burn Both sets of input channels have built-in high-voltage protection modules, which can tolerate up to 400V voltage input. Don’t worry about the oscilloscope burnout accident caused by not measuring the high-voltage probe without moving the probe to the 10X position.

One-button automatic adjustment No need for tedious manual adjustment, one-button automatic adjustment; built-in efficient fuzzy control algorithm, high adjustment accuracy, the adjusted waveform appears in the center of the screen (when dual channels are activated, the channel 1 waveform is in the upper half center, and the channel 2 waveform is in the lower half center) With a short time, it only takes 1 second to automatically adjust the IV peak-to-peak signal, and a typical desktop oscilloscope takes about 5 seconds. The larger the measured signal amplitude, the shorter the time required for adjustment

Complete trigger function It has three trigger modes: automatic, single and normal. The single trigger mode tests sudden non-periodic burst signals, such as car ignition signals; the normal trigger mode tests non-periodic digital logic signals, such as infrared remote control signals; the automatic trigger mode tests the cycle. Analog signals, such as sinusoidal signals; versatile

Manual cursor measurement When the test signal is too noisy or contains square waves with spikes, the parameters automatically measured by the system will be affected and become inaccurate, so you need to manually read the amplitude or period of the signal to calculate its peak, peak and frequency. After the cursor function is read, it becomes very easy to manually read the value. There is no need to read the background scale unit and quantity, and you can directly obtain the peak-to-peak value and frequency without conversion. This is very convenient.

One-click screenshot and save wave Built-in 1GB storage space, can store up to 1000 screenshots and 1000 sets of waveform data, the storage process is simple and fast, screen capture and save the current waveform at any time and place with a single touch, no tedious prompts and choices, and keep it intact .Convenient for taking screenshots or waveform data

Powerful waveform picture manager Waveform Picture Manager provides powerful waveform data and picture management capabilities, and supports thumbnail file browsing, viewing, viewing of measurement parameters, page turning, deletion, etc. Just like the picture viewer on mobile phones,waveform viewing the device can perform secondary analysis on the saved waveform data, including zoom, pan, cursor measurement,screen capture and other operations. It provides a very convenient platform for users to manage stored files, and its flexibility is much higher than other ordinary oscilloscope

USB picture export The body is equipped with a USB interface, which can be connected to a computer to share its screenshots with the computer. After connecting to the computer, the oscilloscope will exist as a U disk. The computer can find the oscilloscope screenshots under the folder of the removable disk. Copy the picture to a computer or send it to a mobile phone for secondary analysis

Lissajous Pattern Graphic Display Lissajous pattern graph is a curve graph generated by the input value of channel 1 as the X-axis coordinate and channel 2 as the Y-axis coordinate. It can be used to determine the amplitude, frequency, and phase contrast of the two groups of signals.

4 hours long standby Built-in 6000mah rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery, 5 hours of charging – 4 hours of continuous use

  • 6000mah capacity
  • 5 hours charge
  • 4 hours use