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Dreame V11 Best Price DEALS

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V11 A New Era of Vacuum Cleaners

Powered by Reliable Dreame 125,000rpm Motor

Dreame SPACE 4.0 High-speed Motor With outstanding engineers from the aerospace field, Dreame Aerodynamics R&D team boasts 26 patents² for core technologies in the high-speed motor area alone. Equipped with Dreame’s latest 125,000rpm motor, V11 offers fast, powerful and stable performance.

*This picture is the creative presentation for advertising purpose, not the true product structure or design.

3 New Functions

  1. All-in-one OLED Display
  2. One Button to Start/Stop
  3. 7-stage Noise Reduction

The best way to predict the future is to create it 10 Cleaning Methods, 6 Innovations Suit All Your Cleaning Needs

  • 12–cone Self-cleaning Doubled Filter Service Life
  • HD Display Displays Operation Status in Real Time
  • Operation Guidelines Maintenance Alert, Real-time Monitoring
  • Easy to Switch on/off Designed for Finger-free Operation
  • Washable Roller Brush Extend brush life
  • 7-stage Noise Reduction Weakens Noise of Running Motor

Aeroplane Standard Aviation-level Motor Calibration Precise to 0.002g

  • 30,000min Full Power Operation Test
  • 10,000 times Full Power Start/Stop Test

PAC Motor Enhanced Efficiency
Long-lasting Performance
High-quality Products of Dreame

Smooth Suction Efficient Air Vent The air ducts are designed based on aerodynamic theories. With the 4-hole vents, it can offer strong suction force.

Stable Output Intelligent Power Management Power supply can be intelligently adjusted during operation to ensure stable performance of the motor.

The Optimized Air-cooling System It enables long-lasting and high-quality performance

The venting ducts are specially designed to effectively dissipate heat, to ensure the power units provide high-quality performance.

High-capacity Battery
Outstanding Performance
90 mins Runtime 3000mAh Battery Clean Your House with Ease

12-Cone Self-cleaning Cyclone

Doubled Filter Service Life The 12–cone cyclone filtration system, developed by Dreame® Aerodynamics Team, can separate 99.67% of the dust, which greatly reduces the workload of the filter cartridge. The filter service life is then improved by more than twice compared with the previous generation.

Nearly 100% for Cleaning Efficiency 5 Stage in-depth filtration system only releases fresh air

Filter Particles as Small as 0.3 Microns Effectively vacuums microorganisms and micro-particles*

Soft Roller Brush and High Torque Motor Helps with Your Cleaning

Large Diameter Avoids hair tangles Covers all gaps and corner The brush, driven directly by the high-torque motor, can easily get rid of stubborn dirt. With a large diameter, it avoids nasty hair tangles. Its soft cashmere can reach narrow gaps in the floor. Besides, since the machine boasts strong suction, the cleaning efficiency is greatly enhanced.

Thoroughly Remove the Mites From Fabrics Mite-removal rate at 99.99% to care about the details in your life

Veterinarian Li Longxuan
“Pet furs are prone to microorganisms. Also, they may carry dirt and pollutants from the outdoor. The hairs and scurf may fall onto the ground. It is suggested that families with pets regularly use this product.”

*Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology Test Report No.: SZ20201107

Drives deep into the fabrics to get rid of stubborn dirt and mites

Intelligent Calculation Smart Cleaning Real-time Operation Status Check Smart Plan Made to Handle Chores

No Need to Hold During Operation
“Continuous Work Mode” Offered

7-stage for Noise Reduction Enjoy Our Core Technology Clean Your House with quiet experience

  • Dynamic balance noise reduction Reduces the noise of a running motor
  • Brushless Motor Reduces Noise of Friction
  • Flexible Motor Reduces Sounds of Resonance
  • GEDEBAO compound sound absorbing foam Curbs the noise of venting
  • Optimized venting pipes mitigates howling sounds
  • Optimized air passage lowers the air resistance and noises
  • Tightly connected components diminishes vibration noises

Multiple Accessories to Handle All Scenarios

  • Clean floors Thoroughly clean floor gaps
  • Clean carpets Get rid of stubborn dirt
  • Clean bedding/fabrics Get rid of mites, scurf, etc
  • Clean furniture Sofas, desks and chairs, cabinets, ceilings, etc
  • Clean narrow gaps Beneath of couches, drawers and cabinet corners

Ergonomic Design
Clean High Places with Ease

Enjoy More Considerate Designs

  • Charging and storage 2-in-1 wall-mounted charging dock
  • Empty the dustbin with the touch of a single button No need to touch the dirt
  • Easy to dismantle and install Easy switch with handy buckles
  • Washable filters and roller brushes Reusable and less waste


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Dreame T20 Best Price DEALS

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Dreame T20
Leading the vacuum cleaner market with technological breakthroughs .The New 125,000 RPM Dreame T20
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner brings intelligent sensing technology to provide new cleaning experience

7 Key Technologies
Comprehensive and optimal solution for deep cleaning around your home

  • 150AW powerful suction Aerospace level motor technology removes dust and debris more thoroughly.
  • 12 cyclones 12 cyclones self-cleaning design doubles the life span of materials while satisfying the heavy cleaning works.
  • Smart scanning and self adjusting The intelligent sensor insid the cleaner automatically adjusts the suction power based on the situation on the floor.

Aerospace standard makes premium product that embraces all challenges

Irreplaceable core motor technology
125,000RPM aerospace level motor technology Dreame T20 cordless Vacuum Cleaner is designed by the team of international aerospace experts. Equipped with Dreame SPACE 4.0 high speed motor, the rotational speed reaches as high as 125,000RPM with 25, 000Pa suction power produced. In this way,multiple types of deep-down dirt can be removed much more efficiently. Dreame T20 brings fast cleaning and powerful motor to a new level

DREAME new fluid mechanics design more stable and efficient cleaning performance

Rear air friction
Dreame positioned the Hepa filter behind the motor for the first time so that the air drawn in will not be blocked.

Shorter wind tunnel
Since the motor is in the front of the filter, the airflow is shorter and the wind tunnel is smoother. In this way,
the suction power loss is reduced effectively.

SmartCool battery technology
The unique venting system transfers the air through batteries to cool them down. This ensures the good performance of discharging.

70mins ultra-long run time
With full charging, Dreame T20 is able to clean bigger home

  • 70min Standard Mode
  • 30min Deep Cleaning Mode
  • 8 min Full Power Mode

*the run time data is from running test without the site brush

Extra Battery
Designed to suit larger homes The extra battery can be equipped for extra run time

*The standby battery is not included in the order of the T20 Vacuum Cleaner. You may need to purchase it separately.

Smart All-Floor-Type Brush Floor types recognition and suction power adjustment
It can quickly recognize different types of floor and adjust suction power accordingly in real time, which enables the fast and thorough cleaning of deep-down dirt.

Anti-hair tangling technology

Wider diameter design This restrains tangling of short and medium length hairs

V shape comb design This gathers longer hairs and remove them more effectively

Anti-tangling on both sides Soft fleece is added on both ends to avoid hair invading the roller

Eliminate 99.99% of mites
Mites eliminating expert with thick mattress cleaning ability stronger suction power cleans dander, pollen, mites and allergens hidden deep in the mattress. The effect is immediate and beneficial to your skin health.

All-in-one HD screen
Full color LCD screen provides real time working status. Clear information on the screen makes the cleaning experience easier and more controllable.

  • Remaining time
  • System error alert
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • Suction modes
  • Filters installation examiner

Simple operation with one press
Continuous working mode, release finger fatigue

Continuous working mode On
Lock suction on for longer cleaning tasks. Easy and free your fingers from long time pressing.

Continuous working mode Off
Stop anytime. Flexible working mode for detailed, smaller tasks.

8-stage noise reduction Minimize working sound

  1. Dynamic noise balancing technique Reduce blade vibration noise
  2. Equipped with brushless motor Reduce blade friction noise
  3. Overthetop motor position Reduce resonance noise
  4. GEDEBAO composite cotton noise reduction Reduce air outlet noise
  5. HEPA all-covered motor design Reduce motor noise
  6. Upgraded venting tunnel Reduce venting noise
  7. Upgraded air pipe Reduce air friction noise
  8. Tightly fitted components Reduce jittering


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