Dymosen M220 Cordless Electric Mop Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [USA Warehouse]

55% off Dymosen M220 Cordless Electric Mop 220r/min with LED...More

55% off Dymosen M220 Cordless Electric Mop 220r/min with LED Headlights for Hardwood Floors Tiles Marble Glass Cleaning Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code

Geekbuying Coupon Price :$89.99 [United States Stock]

Regular Price : $199.99 Your Save : $110 Coupon Limit: 99 times Warehouse: United States Expires : November 30, 2022 Coupon Valid for : All Users

Dymosen M220 Best Price DEALS

Dymosen Dymosen Cordless Electric Mop Cost-effective, no worries about housework Easily clean large apartment

  • Independent battery pack
  • Innovative water spray system
  • Cordless control

No burden of housework, thanks to dymosen The second generation cordless mopping machine, fully upgraded

  • Cordless control Get out of corded troubles
  • Telescopic handle Suitable for people of all heights
  • One machine for multiple uses Master in waxing and removing mites
  • 2200mAh battery capacity Easily clean large apartment
  • Quiet design Safety Noise Reduction
  • Efficient cleaning Solve the cleaning time
  • Dual rotation mop heads Easy to use
  • Integrated water tank No risk of water leakage
  • Micro-control water spraying Innovative Whale Spray System

Subvert traditional cleaning and make your life easy Say goodbye to the time-consuming and laborious traditional cleaning, and spend more time with your family Enrich yourself with more time.

German lithium power system, durable and efficient

Independent battery pack, get rid of short service life, safer and longer service life

  • 45min Working time
  • 2200man Li battery

Four modes for easy cleaning Dry mopping, wet mopping, waxing, mite removal

Innovative micro-control atomized water spray tank Deep wet mopping black technology Wooden floor avoid water vapor, avoid moisture Ceramic tile floor avoid wear and tear, avoid oil stains, gap cleaning difficult;Dymosen solves your problems and takes care of the floor in your home

Cordless control, multi-purpose in one machine Dust removal, waxing, mopping, polishing, mite removal without bending down

Double spinning mop heads Leave no trace Oil stain, hair, bacteria, dander, dust, water stain

  • Double mop spinning heads, increase power
  • Rotating speed 200-220rpm/min
  • Cleaning speed: 10-12 m/min
  • High friction to clean the floor, high resistance
  • Low rotating speed
  • Small cleaning area

Mites Mildews, total solved by mopping Whale spray system deeply solves floor microparticles, mites,midews

  • Dust
  • Dandruff
  • Mites

Integrated water tank, no water leakage Add water once, mop all over the house, integrated water tank, anti-leakage, zero failure; Separated water tank, easy side leakage, high fault

Polished and waxed for a new look Floor waxing, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-static Prolong the service life of the floor

Rejection 2.4G, strong signal to control machine Dymosen uses a new type of direct control technology to solve the situation where the machine cannot be used due to interference

Noise reduction technology, silent operation As low as 60dB

Front LED, visible for cleaning Effectively clean the corners, under the bed and the sofa, the dust can not be cleaned daily.

Two kinds of mops, free choice Disposable cleaning mop can be used at any time to save time and the trouble of cleaning the mop; the spiral mop can lock the dust forcibly, resist the stubborn stain, and easily take away the annoying hair. It can be used repeatedly to lock the dust forcibly and is not easy to shed.

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