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17% off EcubMaker TOYDIY 4in1 3D Printer FDM Laser CNC Dual-FDM with Auto Leveling Heated Build Plate PLA- Four Functions_Black US Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Auto-leveling, Three-layer Detachable and Soft Magnet Heating Plate System

EcubMaker TOYDIY Best Price DEALS

Fully Assembled

  • TOYDIY Print Range up to 180mm*180mm*180mm.
  • Ecubware is a dedicated slicing software developed by EcubMaker for TOYDIY.It also supports the setup and slicing of four Toolheads without the need for additional dedicated software.
  • Three-layer heatable buildplant, Able to effectively prevent printing warping, The Unique Soft Magnet Plate Design makes sampling more convenient.Keep the model structure intact.
  • Fully automatic leveling, no need to manually level

All in one machine {satisfy all your needs}

  • 3d printing
  • support dual colors and filaments printing
  • Laser engraving
  • CNC engraving

Single Extruder high printing speed high printing precision

Laser Engraving Carving Your Creativity 1.5W high-power Laser head can be used in engraving wood, paper,leather plastic and so on

CNC Engraving the rotational speed of principal axis is 10000 times a minute

Equipped with exclusive heating plate with 3 layers

the advantages of magnetic soft plate

  • magnetism easy to install the board is magnetic easy to fix
  • soft plate flexible can be bended, easy to remove the samples
  • heating function No edge warp plate has the heating function maximum level

Bendable soft magnetic plate is more convenient for sampling

Full-automatic leveling easy the operation automatic calibration before printing at each time, just wait for 1 minute

One slicing software satisfy 4 kinds of printing needs

Printing Size 180X180X180MM Larger printing size among similar products