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EDIAG YA301 2021 NEW

  • OBD2 Full Functions
  • Smog Test
  • Live Graphic Data


  • Read Codes, Clear Codes
  • Read, Record, Playback Data
  • Live Data Text / Graph
  • View Freeze Frame Data
  • DTC Lookup/ Code Breaker
  • One-Key l/M Readiness Check
  • Turn Off Check Engine Light(MIL)
  • 02 Monitor Test
  • Component Test On-Board Monitor Test Retrieve Vehicle Info(VIN, CIN,CVN)

Knowing Ahead Of Your Vehicle’s Battery Status! Monitoring the real-time voltage data of the car battery from the OBD end, analyze automatically and display you an explicit battery trend in graph format safety protected the car battery from over-voltage. Walt Voltage: 13.6V

EDIAG YA301 saves you a trip to service station 

  • 1 Is there an annoying Check Engine Light that keeps flashing again and again on your dashboard ?
  • 2 Is the high fines caused by excessive emission still a big headache?
  • Are you tired of always searching DTC definition on google?
  • The EDIAG YA301 can turn off the MIL in seconds by erasing the DTCS
  • EDIAG YA301 features I/M readiness for help you pass Smog Check easily, enabling you to fix problems before annual vehicle inspection.
  • The EDIAG YA301 can display DTC definition in details via the DTC Lookup.

Most OBDII Cars After 1996

English/French/Russian/German/ Italian/Japanese/Spanish/Portuguese/ Chinese Traditional/Chinese

PLUG & PLAY, NO Need Any Battery SO EASY! NO Need Register

1Plug Into OBDII 16PIN Port.

2 Turn The Ignition On & Start the Engine

3 Choose the Menu to Diagnose.

EDIAG YA301 OBD2 SCANNER 2.4″TFT Color Screen

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