ESWING ESM8 Folding Electric Scooter Banggood Coupon Promo Code

Code Expires June 30, 2020
42% off ESWING ESM8 60V 20.8Ah 3600W Dual Motor Folding...More

42% off ESWING ESM8 60V 20.8Ah 3600W Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter 70km/h Top Speed Max Load 150kg 11 inches Electric Scooter Banggood Coupon Promo Code

Banggood Coupon Price :$949.99

Banggood Regular Price : $1626.39 Your Save : $676.40 Coupon Limit: 100 times Expires : June 30, 2020

52V Rear 1200W/ 52V Dual 2400W / 60V Dual 3000W

  • Natural Rubber Handle Grip, Wear proof and Anti slip
  • With upgraded suspension new power train system improved technology’s added to the slim all terrain traditional Dual tron design that had a high satisfaction
  • Colorful Intelligent Display With USB Charging Port
  • 7005 Aluminium Alloy materials for main and handle frame.
  • 3 second folding design makes convinent and easy for daily use
  • Fender is carbon fiber material, look beamy and beautiful.Off road extension type long fenders to prevent mud dirt.
  • Unique front and rear suspension design is a default option for shock absorbing and the best riding comfort in off road conditions.
  • Private mode, 10 inch rubber tire more suitable for off-road
  • 52v 20.8ah big capacity lithium battery. max can be 1082wh, can provides longer miles when usage with high speed 50- 70km/h
  • High quality LED bright headlight, taillight are design for night seeing. The taillight are also use for brake lights