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$155.00 with coupon code for Evowera Planck O1 Electric Sonic Toothbrush Full-Color LCD Screen 6 Clean Modes Electric Toothbrush 2 Min Timer 42000 RPM Vibration Intensity IPX7 Waterproof Electric Toothbrush at Banggood.

Banggood Coupon Price :$155.00 [ALL Stock]

Banggood Regular Price : $199.99 Your Save : $44.99 Coupon Limit: 49 times Expires : May 10, 2023

Evowera Planck O1 Best Price DEALS

Get to know planck O1 together from the inside out, from top to bottom.

DuPont Soft Nylon Bristles

  • Adaptive brushing mode and 5 diverse modes
  • LCD high-definition Screen
  • hypermag permanent magnet synchronous servo motor
  • IPX7 full body waterproof, including charging base
  • 3.5 hours charging, 28 days long battery life

his planck O1 is of good quality.

  • Metal free, very safe. AFT metal-free hair flocking
  • It cleans and protects gums. DuPont bristles, high rounding rate, rounding rate up to 96%.
  • Tight fit and high efficiency. 3D surface distribution, covering 2-3 teeth at the same time.
  • Rest assured to use, long life. Electronic labels, scientific and dynamic calculation of the life of the brush head, changing the brush head every 3 months is no longer a rigid indicator.

Advanced The hypermag servo motor first developed by Evowera, the most advanced motor in the world, can also be called a motor. When the motor commands the bristles to wiggle 1 degree, the bristles wiggle 1 degree, no more, no less, that’s accurate.

Silent Powerful and quiet. The vibration frequency can reach 42,000 times per minute, the noise is as low as 48db(A), the cleaning efficiency is increased by 30%, and the battery life is increased by 33%.

Clean Hypermag will output corresponding brushing power according to different cavity spaces, so that non-orthodontic/orthodontic users can enjoy suitable cleaning power, and protect the gums while ensuring the cleaning effect.

And smarter adaptive brushing, how does it work?
Reserve your brushing style and let the toothbrush adapt to you.

On a screen less than 1 inch in size, you can see pages such as time, weather, missed brushes, power, and brush head life.

It is super easy to use, and you can check the missed brushing area in time after brushing your teeth to ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of each brushing.

Ultra-intimate sensitive area settings

Set your own mouth sensitive area in the app, and the brushing force will be adaptively adjusted when the bristles reach the sensitive position.

Fast charging, long battery life, and waterproof.

  • 3.5 hours charging, 28 days long battery life The cleaning quality and battery life are satisfied.
  • Highlight 7075 aluminum alloy frame The IPX7 is waterproof and provides warm-toned ambient lighting.

Self-cleaning, more worry-free With the brush head facing down, it automatically enters the cleaning mode, and

Unlock more scientific brushing data with smart APP

Connect the planck 01 electric toothbrush with the evowera APP via bluetooth.In the APP, you can synchronize the data of five-dimensional brushing and customize the parameters of the toothbrush.

Package contents of a single electric toothbrush
1. Electric toothbrush*1
2. Toothbrush head*2
3. Charging base*1
4. Charging plug adapter*1



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