Feilun FX078 RC Helicopter Banggood Coupon Promo Code [2/4 Batteries]

11% off Feilun FX078 2.4G 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter...More

11% off Feilun FX078 2.4G 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter Mode 2 RTF – RTF 4x Battery Version Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Single-propeller Flight, Flexible and Fast
Ultra-fast Flight Speed, Sensitive Control Response

  • 4CH function can fly sideways
  • Precise steering
  • Full proportional throttle control
  • 2.4G remote control Signal stability

A helicopter that simulates the principle of real flight

We are not toys

Aircraft details analysis

  1. Alloy material body, stable and durable frame
  2. Dual Servos, Sensitive Control Direction
  3. High-magnification motor starts moving fast
  4. Socket motherboard easy to replace accessories
  5. The canopy is easy to remove and the battery is easy to replace

Super Balance Flybar Design The rotor head of the aileron uses a swashplate to pull the ailerons, and the swashplate pulls the ailerons and the main rotor to produce an angle to complete the action making the aileron’s movements very soft.

Sensitive steering full servo steering gear The high-tech full-servo steering gear system directly controls a single propeller for 360°all-round steering and responds to control commands faster. Less

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