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Indoor and outdoor drone formation performance supplier programming drone steam education

  • Image Programming
  • security Protection
  • Full Set Of Video Teaching
  • Intelligence Development
  • New Positioning Technology
  • Single/multi-drone programming
  • Multiple connection methods
  • Self-developed simulation software

FYLO EDU is a drone for formation flight education; it can fly indoors and outdoors. Supports Scratch and Python programming for single or formation flight, flight movements and lights are programmed synchronously

Scratch & Python Suitable for programming in both scratch and python languages. Covers beginner and advanced programming learners

Actions and lights Flight coordinates and lights are updated simultaneously with programming. Users easily create thousands of creative drone formation flights

Hierarchical programming The graphic mode is easy to understand and suitable for operation. Normal mode requires precise programming of each drone, with diverse gameplay.

STEAM education model Fylo edu use the steam education model. Can develop students’ programming thinking and logical skills. Let students discover and solve problems on their own during the learning process.

Self-developed simulation software The simulation software simulates the whole process of drone formation flight, it guarantees operational safety and error detection

Single / multiple drone operation Single drone programming operation enables creative branch orbit and complex motion design. Multiple drones can be programmed together to achieve formation performance

FYLO EDU Product description
FYLO EDU, a drone that tends to form flight education; Support Scratch and Python programming for single or multi drone formation Flight, flight movements and lights synchronized programming

Simulation flight software The self-developed flight simulation software adopts Scratch & Python dual programming, which makes the simulation of programming results available, reducing programming difficulty and flight risk. Import the written code into the visual interface to simulate the best flight effect in real time. Improve understanding of drone software programming, from player to designer. STEAM education in schools or institutions has a good demonstration and results show.

Scratch Graphics The Scratch language is suitable for beginners to programming. The built-in graphics module can transform and control the 8 drones , allowing user to quickly achieve program in one minute. Understand the logic of programming in entertaining;

Scratch Normal You can use scratch to program a single aircraft through a PC and then fly alone; you can also program multiple aircraft to achieve formation flight. Through modular control of the aircraft, the aircraft can set a number of flight parameters and trajectories such as take-off and landing, speed and roll, and can even personally design “stunt” actions such as rollover.

Python Python programming can be used for more complicated dance step program designs. Fully open drone API interface, Python supports online flight and offline flight. You can design your own algorithms to give students a deeper learning space.

Indoor formation performance (Real-time control and precise positioning)

FYLO EDU can also be used for indoor and outdoor drone formation performances. After in-depth research and development and rigorous testing, it can still achieve precise positioning and real-time control of multi-dimensional flight attitude in complex environments. It has successfully performed 10,000+ games.

  • Flight duration 13 min
  • Max performance stage size 20L* 20w*9H m
  • Positioning accuracy ±10cm
  • Battery capacity 1500 mAh


  • FYLO EDU drone X 10
  • Battery compartment X 10
  • USB to Type-C data cable x 1
  • Battery x 34 Base
  • station X 4
  • Type-C data cable x 1
  • Adapter X 10
  • Repeater X 1
  • Paddle X 40
  • Screw x 80
  • Sticker X 1
  • Manual X 1


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