Gemilai CRM3605 Espresso Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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38% off Gemilai CRM3605 Coffee Maker Machine Stainless Steel Coffee...More

38% off Gemilai CRM3605 Coffee Maker Machine Stainless Steel Coffee Machine 15 Bars Semi-automatic Commercial Italian Coffee Maker Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Electronic temperature control technology The coffee tastes mellow

Professional coffee machine 8 advantages

  • 1450W High Power
  • 15Bar High Pressure
  • Temperature Control
  • Strong Steam
  • Pre-soaking
  • Pressure Display
  • 58mm Handle
  • Independent water outlet

Professional 58mm Coffee Making Head + Single Layer Coffee Handle Excellent Material

Pre-soaking Function Reduce uneven extraction


  • Independent steam volume knob
  • 180 degree adjustable steam head,
  • Easy foaming

Intelligent Operation Can manually or automatically to make coffee

Electronic Display Master the extraction time

Heating Cup Area Warm cup keeps coffee aroma

1.7L Water Tank Separate structure for multiple cups of coffee

Removable Water Tray Easy to clean Can be used high cup


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