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% off GUB A2 Riding Helmet with Rechargeable Taillight Adjustable Head Circumference with 9 Light Modes and 19 Air Hole – Black Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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DESIGNED FOR NIGHT RIDING Cycling Helmet with Warning Light

  • Warning taillight
  • Aerodynamic
  • EPS cushioning
  • Multi-color optional
  • One-piece molding
  • Adjustable head circumference

Warning Taillight Design With taillights, it is safer to ride at night,with a rechargeable design and more environmentally friendly

9 Lighting Modes Switch freely and choose a light that you are happy with.

One-piece Housing Give you more solid protection, even if you fall, you won’t get hurt.

19 Venting Hole Design Quickly dissipate heat during the ride to complete a refreshing journey

Comfortable Lining Wear more comfort and cushioning, giving your head a more comprehensive protection

  • Lining can be washed
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

Adjustable Head Circumference It can be adjusted between 56 – 59cm, adjusted according to your actual situation, and it is more comfortable to wear.

Head circumference measurement method

Use a soft ruler to wrap around the forehead above the forehead and behind the head. (hair is also counted)

Measure the accuracy is your own head circumference, then choose the helmet according to your head circumference

ITW Buckle Design
Meets safety standards, rounded corners and fast wear Less

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