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About Helight Sleep

Helight Sleep uses specially calibrated 630 nm red light to help you fall asleep and sleep better. Helight Sleep is a patented device inspired by NASA’s work.

  • Allows you to fall asleep faster
  • It fades slowly, imitating the sunset
  • Reconnect the natural signal of natural sleep to your body
  • Experience a deeper and more restful sleep

If sleep is an important and serious problem for you, you’ve really come to the right place.

Thoughts racing in your head, seeing the hours go by on the alarm clock, finally falling asleep but waking up at the slightest vibration … Worse: waking up tired, with headaches and itchy eyes … All that, you know .

And very often, you have only one desire: that night falls again to go back to bed and hope to finally have a good night. Which does not always happen, unfortunately.

We are also familiar with this situation, and you are far from the only one in your case.

Did you know that our current lifestyles, often indoors, often on screens, are a source of poor light hygiene? It doesn’t seem like much, and yet the impacts can be significant!

Why ? Because we all have a biological rhythm, which calls for the circadian rhythm.


It’s simple: a circadian cycle lasts about 24 hours. Daylight (rich in blue light) helps our body and its biological processes to settle down, to rhythm over 24 hours.

How it works ? We have little receptors on our retina that tell the whole body if it’s daylight or if it’s dark. These are small cells that do not play a role in our vision, but are very strong at perceiving ambient light and sending signals to our brain.

Under natural conditions, in the evening, the light of the setting sun (red / orange light) is perceived by these cells, which interprets it as a sign that night is coming and therefore that it is time for the body to activate sleep!

This is the circadian cycle: a biological rhythm, of about 24 hours, which is synchronized thanks to the light.

The problem is that the blue light from the screens and the lack of brightness during the day disrupt this cycle … which then causes sleep problems.

It is for this reason that we imagined Helight Sleep, a device which reproduces the light of the setting sun thanks to a pure red light, calibrated very precisely and developed only for our product. Less

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