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Rehabilitation training for patients with hand dysfunction
Flexible hand training promoting blood circulation/solving hand stiffness

Do you have such concerns during the recovery process

  • The cost of energy consumption in rehabilitation institutions is high.
  • There is no professional rehabilitation equipment at home after discharge
  • I can’t finish rehabilitation training independently.

Solve three stages of hand problems, relieve stiffness and weakness, and complete exercise independently problems Accelerate the recovery process of hand function, help rib users Deutero learning brain nerve, accelerate the recovery of brain nerve injury, and achieve the recovery of self-care ability of patients from the face.

Studies have shown that mirror neuron system exists in human brain motor cortex. When people perform some movemen(For example, grip, qushen, etc.), Neurons in the cortex are activated. However, when people are imagining, observing or hearing and speaking the name of the movement, neurons in the cerebral cortex will also be activated, it is similar to the activation pattern of neurons performing this action.

Persistence in scientific rehabilitation training
The complete recovery of hand function requires a long rehabilitation process and long-term persistence in training step by step.

Help you gradually recover brain motor nerve
Activate mirror neurons to promote brain self-recovery and promote hand function rehabilitation

  1. Capture task
    Through Vision
    Tactile capture
  2. Send Signal
    Brain sending
    Motion Signal
  3. Signal transmitted
    Motor neurons transmit signals
  4. Assist in sports
    Rehabilitation gloves
    Assist in sports
  5. Positive feedback
    Sports Deutero learning

Ease of use self-rehabilitation training
Ease of use, can be adjusted to fit tap position old people can also complete training independently

Lightweight body portable multiple modes cover rehabilitation needs
The body is smaller than the size of the book, and the weight is only 0.4kg

Finger-dividing training can do whatever you want, and the effect is better.
Each finger can be individually rehabilitated by opening and closing the independent air valve.

Mirror Mode promotes brain function remodeling
The mirror movement mode that drives the affected hand through the qushen of hand exercise extensively stimulates the motor cortex to facilitate bilateral movement pathways, and multiple stwork together to improve the recovery speed of hand function. Less