HOWSHOW 8.5 inch Magic LCD Drawing Tablet Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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25% off HOWSHOW 8.5 – inch Magic LCD Electronic Drawing Tablet- Black Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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  • Electronic writing
  • One-click erase
  • Light & thin & portable
  • Anti-smashing
  • Early intelligent education

Distract kids attention on ipad and mobile phone Kids can spend their leisure time on drawing and writing. You are never wanting to miss their arts talents

Avoid conventional troubles HOWSHOW drawing tablet provides kids with eco-friendly environment, no hand dirt and house graffiti anymore!

  • No chalk dust
  • No paint dirt
  • No pencil lead contact
  • No addiction to cell phones

Helpful for intelligence early education Doing math arithmetic, listing draft, and reciting words, so useful for kid’s learning and education

Pictures kept on your mobile phone Connect with specific mobile phone App, you can take photos and save them on mobile phones. It is suitable for both iPhone and Android system

High quality, light and high toughness Break-proof and high toughness, durable for “naughty”boys

  • Flexible LCD screen
  • ABS reinforced material
  • 4.5mm frame thickness
  • Weight of only 2 eggs