IWATANI ZA-3HPM Outdoor Portable Cassette Stove Banggood Coupon Promo Code

19% off IWATANI ZA-3HPM Portable Cassette Stove Explosion-proof Windproof Great...More

19% off IWATANI ZA-3HPM Portable Cassette Stove Explosion-proof Windproof Great for Outdoor Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Iwatani Outdoor portable cassette stove
High efficiency and energy saving, windproof must be selected

  • Stainless steel bodyguard
  • 3D combustion system
  • Free and portable
  • Multi-speed adjustment
  • Strong firepower
  • Safe explosion-proof
  • Multi-speed adjustment
  • Easy to carry

Different from ordinary outdoor cassette stove Fry, stir-fry, braise, deep-fry, stew easily The size design of household stove can use 30cm caliber wok. At the same time, it has a non-slip bottom plate, which will not move when cooking, so you can enjoy outdoor food with confidence.

Five protection steel bodyguard The seamless valve body and sealing system effectively prevent gas leakage and backfire, and fully consider the requirements of outdoor scenes.

Over-voltage protection, intelligent shut-off When the pressure of liquefied gas exceeds the safety preset, the valve will automatically shut off the gas to prevent explosion.

Magnetic installation, safer and more convenient Double rubber ring, airtight seal Magnetic installation prevents the gas tank from falling off, making it safer and more worry-free. If the buckle is not aligned, it will not be attracted to avoid air leakage during installation errors.

Piezoelectric electronic lighter The rotary switch is pressed to ignite, the operation is safe and simple, and the multi-stage firepower is freely regulated. Professional igniters can be used about 10,000 times on average and are easy to clean.

3D combustion system 2.9kw fierce fire, 1L water only needs about 5 minutes to boil, no need to wait long.

Energy saving and environmental protection The built-in heat conduction plate greatly improves the combustion utilization rate, and the furnace core can withstand a high temperature of 1500 degrees, and the firepower is even.

Detail display

  • Pressure Sensitive
    Temperature Control
    Completely prevent accidents
  • Sturdy furnace body Durable and not easy to break
  • Adjustable firepower Energy saving and environmental protection, convenient and fast