JEEP HY-WS02 Smart Watch FERACE DESIGN Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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42% off JEEP smart watch HY-WS02 multi function movement monitoring- Green Hong Kong【HK】 Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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4G Global Network Coverage with Independent Cellular Mobile System Independent physical Nano-SIM/UIM slot, two-way call transfer between phone and watch is supported which is more convenient to make calls, send and recevie messages. It has no worry about the missed calls while you go outdoor sports even if you not take the phone. The speakerphone can deliver a loud and clear con- versations with noise reduction Mic, also can setup a converation via bluetooth earphone.

Jeep Watches | FERACE DESIGN

4G Smart Sports-Watch with Global Network Coverage

Running |Treadmill | Running | Cycling | Hiking | Heart Rate Monitoring | Sleep Monitoring | Swimming | Voice Recognition | Voice-Recognition | Message Alert | GPS Service | Motion Trail | Weather IP68 Water Proof

Create a healthy and athletic lifestyle by being away from mobile phone The watch can make calls and receive calls, support WiFi connec- tion, 4G voice and data.

FERACE OS 2.0 It is independent research and development smart wearable OS by Hoin with low-power consumption, high compatibility and openess. Will open the interface gradually to the end user to define their own style.

IP68 Degree of Water Proof, available for Swimming IP68 degree of resistance to water (equivalent to 20 meters deep ‘s water pressure) protection provided against swimming, cold water shower. The watch can record all kinds of sports data during swimming

Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring Configured with an optical heart rate sensor, the watch projects the light onto the wrist through the PPG sensor, and monitors the change of heart rate through the different flow velocity of the blood to the light, and see the heart rate fluctuation changes in real time.

Exercise Heart Rate Alarm The appropriate heart rate value is calculated based on the personal information. When it is exceeded, an alarm will be issued to help the user adjust the exercise training plan in time.

Abnormal Heart Rate Alarm A one-button alarm will be activated once a heart rate exceeds the range of physical health during exercise.

Multi-sport activity modes available, designed for sports Running, Treadmill Running, Cycling, Hiking, Swimming five essential sports activity modes available. Base station, WiFi, GPS, Beidou Satellite multiple positioning service supported. New upgraded iSports 2.0 algorithm with low power consumption and more precision. Record all kind of sports data, and upload the data records to your phone, and review detailed motion data on the Jeep watch app.

Running/Treadmill Running/Hiking Time, mileage, pace, calories, heart rate, trajectory, heart rate alert (high altitude, altitude data in running and hiking mode) More accurate data acquisition in different scene modes Find the suitable rhythm of your sport based on the data.

Cycling Time, mileage, pace, calories, heart rate, trajectory, altitude, ascending and descending, heart rate alert. The riding speed, mileage and trajectory are obtained according to the GPS satellite, and the data is more accurate.

Swimming in the swimming-pool Time, mileage, pace, calories, heart rate, stroke, strokes, heart rate alert Calculate the number and frequency of strokes during swimming accurately. Recognizable strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke

Note: button operation is not supported underwater.

Scan code for payment, convenient and fast You can open the payment interface in offline mode as well. Even if you don’t bring a mobile phone, wallet, or you are not convenient to take out your mobile phone or wallet, you can pay by watch only reach out your hands, which is safe and reliable.

Read the mobile phone messages directly without mobile phone in hands Build the bluetooth connection between mobile phone and watch, you can directly view QQ, WeChat, SMS mes- sages. When there is missed call, there will be a vibrating reminder on the wrist. Never miss important information.

Read the mobile phone messages directly without mobile phone in hands Turn on data service, enjoy the music online, download and collect the music which you like, then also can listen to the music offline.

Plenty of watch faces can be choosed and switched, according to different moods and different scenes by one button

Close-up details A selection of high quality zirconia ceramic bezels, Corning Gorilla Glass, non-slip and scratch resistant

Jeep Wrangler Series Star Emblem The seven-hole fence design is grand and magnificent, combines with innovative technology.Stainless steel creates buttons and a bottom case for a modest luxury.


Jeep HY-WS02C Smart Watch Gearbest Coupon Promo Code [RED]

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  • Standalone 4G connectivity
  • Swimming
  • Jeep aesthetics
  • Sports mode

Continue extending the Jeep smart watch concept of Jeep aesthetics in sports and classic watch styles. Blend- ing all the functions needed in the modern urban sports scene into a new image, breaking the stylization with a sturdy shape—watch is not only a watch.

GPS | 4G Network | Multi-Sports Mode | Heart Rate Monitoring | IP68 Water Resistant | Music Play | Alarm Clock | Instant Messages | Various App |
Weather Report | Voice Assistant | Apps Notification

CONNECT ANYWHERE Enjoy the moment without distraction of a phone. Standalone 4G connectivity supported, stay connected with complete function of making and receiving calls, receiving and sending messages, surfing internet and using apps.

Independent 4G Network, Never Missing Important Calls Supports either SIM or eSIM card, making you 4G-connec- ed even without your phone. Get calls and messages wherever you go.


INSTANT MESSAGES AND RESPONSE Read SMS, WhatsAPP messages and notifications directly from the watch.

FREEDOM AND COOL STYLE The jeep smart watch inherits the classic design aesthetic of the jeep family, showing the passion and longing for free life advocated by the jeep brand.

  • Jeep Aesthetic
  • IP68 Water
  • Resistant
  • Selectable Watch Faces
  • Top Brand

Inheriting Jeep Classic Design Style

  • 7 stomata fence design speaker, delicate and elegant
  • Jeep Wrangler series classic star design as locking screen key, symbol of freedom


American GORE protective vents Water resistance speaker

Ceramic Bezel Crafted using separate processes. Highly resistant to abrasion, and lightweight.

Corning Gorilla Glass Diamond-like carbon (DLC) material

TPU Food Grade Strap Easy and prompt disassembly and installation

IP68 WATER RESISTANCE WEARING AND SWIMMING Distance/Duration/Calorie/Max Speed/Average Pace/Av- erage Speed/Average Heart Rate/Max Heart Rate/No. of Strokes/Stroke Recognition/Efficiency

Accurately calculate the number and frequency of strokes during swimming, and can identify stroke including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke.

SELECTABLE WATCH FACES Lots of specially designed watch faces for you to select and customize. You can choose from traditional or modern digital watch faces and find one that suits your style.

YOUR PERFECT WORKOUT COMPANION One press to start, the lower crown is a dedicated button for fitness lovers like you to start the workout app instantly. Persistent heart rate monitor works continuously with high precision. Enjoy outdoor run or cycling with live GPS tracking. View real-time map and trail on the high resolution display Motivates you all the way during a workout, showing you goal achieving progress, lap/time/distance reminders, and even speed guidance.

FIVE DAILY WORKOUTS One press to start, enjoy your fitness

GPS+BEIDOU POSITIONING SYSTEM Built in GPS+BEIDOU dual positioning system worldwide to offer more accurate, faster and precise positioning.

SCIENTIFIC COACHING Built in multiple sensors that hat provides coaching in introductory to advanced running courses to assist you in real-time while also providing guidance training and giving time-movement effect feedback.

EVALUATION OF WORKOUT EFFECT Providing a comprehensive data analysis report based on your type of workout.

SCIENTIFIC SLEEP STAY ENERGIZED Providing a comprehensive data analysis report based on your type of workout. Monitor every cycle of sleep, including deep sleep, light sleep, and identifies common sleep related issues and provides scientific suggestions to help you sleep better.

MAKE PAYMENT EASILY NFC mobile payment solution, let you pay by simply flicking your wrist and help you when you need it most.

INTELLIGENT VOICE RECOGNITION YOUR SMART ASSISTANT Search for food, route, weather inquiry, agenda view, voice-calling, etc. helps you when you need it most.