KRiBEE KB-C1 Portable Juicer Cup Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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18% off KRiBEE KB-C1 Portable Juicer Cup Magnetic Charging Automatic Power-off Cup Lid Separated for Travel – Pink Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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KRIBEE Portable juicer cup

  • Hidden cutter head
  • Magnetic charging
  • Cup lid separation power off

Small and not occupying a space, “portable” for you It can be squeezed at any time for office, fitness, business trip, travel, and can also be used as your portable water cup.

Double-click to start,one button to clean hands without dirty
1. Add the right amount of water
2. Double-click to start the switch
3. Automatic cleaning in 40 seconds.

Magnetic charging
No need to unplug, safe and waterproof, charging for 2 hours,can squeeze about 10 cups of juice.

Food grade material cup body
Food-grade guarantee, can be used with confidence, comfortable to hold, and can also be used as a water cup.

The lid is separated and the power is automatically cut off
Screw the lid of the cup to the opposite position to start,otherwise it will not be possible to squeeze the juice, avoiding safety hazards.

Hidden cutter head
Hidden knife head design avoids scratching your hands;straight-line rotating knife head stirs, does not damage the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, squeezes the juice delicately, and is more convenient for cleaning.

Two colors available
Pink/green, the cup body is transparent + white, you can directly see the juice extraction process.

Detail display

  • Counterpoint The cup lid is screwed to the point and starts normally
  • Magnetic charging No need to plug, safe and waterproof
  • Cup lid non-slip ring Stable placement, not easy to slip
  • Silicone cup holder Free hands, convenient and comfortable