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Loctek Multifunctional Gas Spring Computer Monitor
STAND Improve bad sitting posture, take care of cervical and lumbar spine

  • 360° rotation
  • Gas spring up and down
  • 2-9KG load-bearing
  • Care for cervical spine

Bionic Design Just take up space for post-it notes
A space of the size of a sticky note can support more possibilities, and a small space can play a greater value

Customized in seconds
Cater to your healthy office posture The Loctek monitor stand allows the monitor to cater to you and your healthy and comfortable office posture

Dual-screen solution
Double field of view, versatile combination
Efficient era of dual-screen office, higher efficiency, more office options.No matter how many task windows can also achieve barrier-free switching, one by two to save office space.

  • Ultra wide horizontal screen
  • Horizontal and vertical combination
  • Double vertical rehearsal
  • Internal and external bidirectionele

Tilt angle adjustment Less shoulder and neck pain
Adjust the tilt angle of the monitor freely,use a comfortable viewing angle to look at the screen,relax your shoulders and neck, and reduce soreness.

Front and rear adjustment
Find comfortable viewing distance The 0-500MM line of sight can be stretched at any distance, catering to your office vision at any time,making it easier and healthier.

Three-axis dynamic rotation 360-degree full-scale adjustment
The shock-absorbing damping structure guarantees a smooth three-week multi-angle rotation stretching experience, which can be easily satisfied no matter what angle and sitting position,and real-time sharing of screen content is more efficient.

  • 180° screen rotation angle
  • 360° upper arm rotation angle
  • 270° base rotation angle

Zero screw installation,convenient and fast Suitable for desktop thickness of 20-100MM

Complete harness solution Hidden trend, neat and beautiful
With its own cable harness solution, it can hide and store messy wires,clean and tidy, and free up desktop space.

How to choose a bracket

  • 2-9KG bearing range
  • 17-30 inches applicable size

Install trilogy Only three steps, easy to get

1Fix the bracket to the table
One set of brackets comes with two sets of different installation methods

  • A: No hole on the desktop Applicable desktop thickness: 20-90MM
  • B: The table has holes Applicable desktop hole: diameter 8.5MM-70MM Applicable desktop thickness: 20MM-90MM

2. Fix the VESA panel to the display panel (Panel pitch support: 75 * 75/100 * 100)

Debug duet

  1. Tighten the product with adjustable screws
  2. The monitor arm cannot hover freely
    1: The monitor stops at the highest position,or automatically rises after pressing down,then adjust to the “-” direction
    2: The monitor stops at the lowest position,or automatically falls after rising,then adjust to the “+” direction

With Loctek notebook tray
Safe and stable, continuous heat dissipation With Loctek notebook tray, stable and anti-shake, continuous heat dissipation can be adapted to multi-size notebook computers.The notebook tray needs to be purchased separately, and can only be used with the Loctek display stand.

With Loctek non-porous clip accessories
Safe and stable without shaking Optional Loctek display non-porous clip screen accessories are available,
which is stable and anti-shake. Strong support no longer requires looking down at the computer, improving the cervical spine pain of the office family and bringing a more comfortable office experience.Accessories for non-porous clip screens need to be purchased separately, and can only be used with the Loctek display stand. Less

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