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52% off Mafam MF8 3G Rugged Smartphone 6.26 inch 4000mAh Finger Print Face Recognition Android 6.0 2G 32G Rugged Phone – Green Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Military all-in-one aircraft low radiation super signal

In the wilderness or remote mountainous areas can still talk normally
Super signal let you rest assured “wild”!

2.5D radians 6.5 inches Hd drop screen
Hd resolution, full color, let you always
Have the best screen visual experience!

6.5-inch full drop screen The vision is outstanding, the color is full, creates the boundless immersion field of vision.

  • 6.5 in. Narrow edge full screen
  • 19:9 Proportion of the screen
  • 720*1520 Hd resolution

4000 mah battery Strong momentum Powerful battery life, let you want to play to play, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.

Back fingerprint security fingerprint unlock efficient and more secure Equipped with back fingerprint to unlock, instantly unlock wonderful 0.1 second quick identification, convenient to protect your phone security

Al infrared face recognition quick unlock fast step Intelligent recognition of face features, lift the hand to unlock the screen, without fear of the dark Just brushing your face is enough

The quad core CPU runs smoothly All kinds of 3D games 2G+32Ggb large memory It runs fast and smoothly, plays large video and 3D games freely No need to wait!

A tornado of superfast 3G networks With a powerful processor, you can enjoy powerful performance and fast network, whether it’s high-definition video, file transfer or large 3D online games Bring you a pleasant experience, take you into the new era.

Full netcom 3G+ GPS positioning Double card double to chat carefree Support three networks, can use a variety of dual card combinations, and all support mobile Unicom, telecom 3G technology

Extra large speaker customized hi-fi better Adopt the new AK4376 HIFI solution specially customized, continuing the classic silver Lower power consumption makes fever sound better.

Support life waterproof Rainy day can also calmly use the machine, even if the phone has no intention of west water can be safe and sound Protect your life

Hd camera phone with excellent camera Hd camera, clean and record every moment of life, with a shot All are classics. Everyone is a mobile phone photographer.

natural /The green leaves /A portrait / A group photo /The beach / macro

wisdom beauty proactive Hd resoKnowing your desire for “higher-order features” such as scene mode switching and photo preferences, you can now just click the shutter door and enjoy the breathtaking beautylution, full color, let you always Have the best screen visual experience!

  • Thin face
  • Exfoliating
  • Big eye
  • Using a