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30% off [True Wireless] Mifo O5 bluetooth 5.0 Balance Armature Drive Unit + Dynamic Drive Mini Binaural In-ear Sports Waterproof Stereo Hifi Earphone for Phones Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • 100 hours playtime
  • Full frequency moving iron
  • Automatic pairing
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Two earbuds can communicate
  • Only 4.6g
  • Waterproof IPX6
  • Volume adjustment
  • Working distance 20m
  • Previous and next song
  • Both earbud with separate microphone
  • Passive noise cancelling

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FULL FREQUENCY MOVING IRON SPEAKER DRIVER UNIT True wireless earbuds, better sounds out of your imagine

Balanced armature speaker driver unit, provide firm bass and give you amazing music experience. The moving iron earbud is The moving iron earphone is transmitted to the center point of a micro diaphragm through a structurally precise link rod to generate a vibrating and audible earphone.

  • BT 5.0 Much faster and clear
  • INDPENDENT SOUND CHAMBER The sound is clear and full
  • ACOUSTIC ENGINEER ADJUTED SOUND The moving iron speaker driver unit is matched well with the sound chamber
  • PASSIVE NOISE CANCELLATION Communication is more clear

100 HOURS UNIMAGINABLE BATTERY LIFE Single earbud play time 7 hours

  • 2600mAh Charging base
  • 60 mAh Earbuds
  • 7 hours Playtime
  • 15 times charging Provided by charging base

MULTIPLE USE: ONE SET TWO PEOPLE USE SEPARATELY OR SHARE incorporates Multiple Mode Features allowing both the Wireless Earbuds to be used as a set or just one Earbud as per your convenience. Dual Mode Feature allows you to pair both the earbuds and use it simultaneously for a complete surround sound and crystal-clear audio. The Mono Mode allows you to pair with two phones.

TWO EARBUDS AUTOMATICALLY CONNECTED Even the people first time use bluetooth earbuds can use it easily Fetch the earbuds from the charging box, the earbuds will automatically turn on and enter into earbuds pairing mode, 1-2S later, the earbuds will connected well, Then pair with phone normally.

TRUE WIRELESS Good sound out of imagining

  • True wireless version
  • 2.0 Cord-free
  • Stereo
  • Two earbuds communication

Adopts TWS technology, make it cord free and real stereo sound Completely enter into the world of freedom.

BT 5.0 20m DISTANCE Stable connectivity, low power consumption

  • 20m DISTANCE BT5.0 on certain situation it can the distance can reach 20m.
  • LOWER POWER CONSUMPTION The most latest Bluetooth technology, BT 5.0, consumption is 35% lower than before, can be used much longer based on the same battery capacity.

4 INDEPENDENT PRESS BUTTON Previous/Next song, volume -, volume + all can be operated freely. Normal mini earbud usually only with one button. mifo 5 small but each earbud with 2 press button, you can adjust the volume and switch the songs easily, no need get out your phone to operate.

WATERPROOF RESISTANCE No need worry about the water and rain Waterproof issue has been considered from the very beginning of product design. First, the seamless structure; Secondly, PCB is proceeded with nano watersafe coat. From both inner and out- side to avoid water and rain coming, you can enjoy sports and music freely.

ONE EARBUD IS ONLY 4.6G WEIGHT Small and light

IN-EAR DIFFERENT STRUCTURE EARBUD Running without drop We have collected a big quantity of ear data, micro adjusted 698 times to 3D prototype by 0.05mm each time, and tested by thousands of people, ‘fixed present out appearance. Wear more comfortable and stable, you will never worry_to drop it during sports.

CVC 6.0 PASSIVE NOISE CANCELLING HD communication microphone

BT 5.0 HIGH CAPACITY Can connect with Phone ,tablet and so on

METAL CHARGING BOX 17 times polish One metal plate, one time forging, 17 times stamping forming to make it 6 axis 4 linkage CNC tool 5000 mesh standard grinding The formation of seamless base of the pedestal, the appearance is stunning, the sense of touch is round, and can not be put off. Less

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