Miniware MHP30 Mini OLED Hot Plate Preheater Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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27% off MHP30 Mini OLED Hot Plate Preheater 60W 350℃ Soldering Station Preset Temperature with PD Power Supply for PCB SMD Heating Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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MHP30 Mini Hot Plate Preheater

Ultra Mini Size, Exquisite & Compact

A “POKEMON”tool in your pocket

Elegant, Fine Built With High Quality Adorable like an artwork

30mm*30mm Heating Area No redundancy, work like a beast A tiny mobile expert in preheating and de-soldering

Warning: DO NOT touch or replace mini hot plate when heated to prevent burns.

High Efficiency, Green & Energy Saving Less heating area, save more energy  Wide applications, OLED display to show heating operation

Accurate Heating to Protect Your PCBs Intensive heating on operation part Lower damage to components around

PD Power Input, Max Output 60W USB Type-C interface +PD protocol Faster in heating

Innovative Separable Design, Flexible & Convenient Controller and hot plate can be separated Direct plug in and pull out, free to replace

True Color LED Reminds You The Warm & Cold Light color changes with hot plate temperature Just one glance to know the status

  1. Blue Light Firmware upgrade
  2. Light color changes with hot plate temperature.
  3. Red Flicker Warning, error

Two Supporting Legs on Bottom, Stable & Anti-slip Supporting legs are foldable, unfold them when using Providing anti-slip and stable support

Stop Heating When Toppled, Safer For Usage When controller fall or is toppled It will stop heating for safety protection

This function is ON as default, can be modified.

Smart Control, Free As Wish

  • One Press to start
  • Preset Temperature
  • Sleep Function
  • Firmware Upgrade

More Fun & Better User Experience
Connect with PC to upgrade for improvements

MHP30 PD package includes:
MHP30 Controller x1
Hot Plate (BS30) x1
Type-C-C Cable x1
PD Power Plug (US) x1
Plug Adaptor (EU) x1
Safety Instructions x1 Less