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Momoda mini massage gun Masseuse in pocket

  • Deep Massage
  • High Frequency Vibration
  • Long Battery Life
  • Small and Portable
  • Al chip control
  • Low noise mute
  • Brushless Motor
  • 4 professional massage heads
  • 4 modes
  • Round handle

The troubles of muscle soreness are only experienced by oneself.
Sitting and working for a long time can easily lead to cervical soreness and stiffness of the body; without professional stretching and recovery after exercise, it will also lead to muscle soreness and loose muscle tissue, which will cause discomfort and gradually affect our physical health.

A deep massage to crush soreness and discomfort.
Momoda mini massage gun uses strong and powerful high-frequency vibration frequency to stimulate deep fascial tissue, quickly disintegrate lactic acid produced after exercise,comb muscle nodules, prevent muscle adhesion, and relax tight and stiff muscle tissue, 10 minutes a day Awaken your body’s muscles.

Lightweight body,masseuse that fits in your pocket.
The lightweight body is comparable to the weight of a mobile phone,so it can be carried around, and little girls can easily control it with one hand. The small body contains a powerful massage driving force, and every massage is the beginning of enjoyment.

Approximately equal to the weight of the Xiaomi Extreme Commemorative Edition mobile phone

Al smart chip technology
Equipped with Al smart chip, customized multi-core noise reduction filtering system, quickly process the feedback data of each impact,can automatically adjust the motor speed and output power according to the massage pressure, and start overload protection measures for the motor to improve the battery life and achieve every time The impact is just right, and every muscle group is carefully cared for.

High torque silent brushless motor
Built-in a powerful heart, using a high-torque silent brushless motor,with a double-bearing rotating structure, it has a higher level of powerful torque, which effectively ensures the stable output of the motor; it matches the strong impact force of up to 54W power, and deeply stimulates the 6mm muscle depth. place.

4 smart modes According to the theory of body muscle and bone force, provide every minute
The 1800-3000 rpm 4-speed scientific vibration mode can be switched according to personal needs or body parts. Whether it is to relax muscles after exercise, or daily soothing massage, you can find the amplitude that suits you.

4 massage head configurations Refinement massage
4 professional customized massage heads produce a cushioning effect when in contact with muscles, which is more suitable for massage of fascia and sensitive muscle groups. It will be more effective to choose a suitable massage head massage in different scenarios.

Ball head
Relax soft tissue and sensitive muscle groups

U-shaped head
Impact deep tissues such as meridians, joints, acupuncture points, etc.

Conical head
Massage the neck and Achilles tendon

Short hair
Massage the large parallel muscles of the lower back

Minimalist ergonomic design
Using high-precision craftsmanship to create a one-piece closed structure, and using a round handle with minimalist ergonomic design,the palm can hold the body more comfortably than other shapes of handles, and the hidden button is integrated with the star gray body.The details show a sense of fashion design.

15 days long battery life
Using a 2000mAh power battery pack, it brings strong bursts and provides long-lasting battery life, allowing you to enjoy relaxing time anytime, anywhere. Use 10 minutes a day for about 15 days of continuous use.

40dB does not disturb sleep
The brushless high-speed motor is equipped with a new generation of noise reduction and mute technology, plus a motor shock absorber, a sound insulation board, and a noise reduction shell, multiple noise reduction, and the noise is controlled within 40dB. The unique heat dissipation hole design can quickly cool down, even when the high-frequency mode is turned on, it can still run stably and continuously relax the muscle fascia.

Ingenious quality, more humanized design.

  • High-speed heat dissipation Lasting power
  • Type-C connection Universal and convenient charging
  • Flashing light Stylish and practical