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Sterilization shield Anti influenza virus
The nemesis of the flu Space sterilization card
Sterilization rate>99%

Daily protection products Carryable “Air Purifier”

Chlorine Dioxide molecular particles + release and purification technology
Broad-spectrum sterilization, without secondary pollution It doesn’t need to be plugged in and acts as a protective barrier for you anytime and anywhere.

Chlorine dioxide is listed as an A1-grade safe and effective disinfectant by World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Oxidation and release technology of gas catalyst Nanoscale molecules release slowly, which can realize long-term and efficient purification with low concentration

Form an effective purification space with a diameter of about 1 meter

Release of chlorine dioxide

  • Peculiar smell
  • Eliminate peculiar smell
  • virus

Product name: The nemesis of the flu—Space sterilization badge card
Contents: sterilization card x 3; lanyard x I; clothespin xl
Main ingredients: Chlorine Dioxide molecular particles
Action time: 60 days after unpacking
Applicable people: adults, children and the old man
Applicable places: indoor, in-car, shopping malls, buses, subways, super markets, schools and other crowded public places
Tips: Please use masks when going out during special periods

Experiments on space purification and sterilization for 48 hours

Experiment procedure: Put two bananas in two sealed glass jars, place MPV chlorine dioxide particles in one of the glass jars. After 48 hours, observe the changes of the two bananas.

Experimental results: After 48 hours, the banana in glass jar with chlorine dioxide particles was stil I fresh, the banana in another glass jar had turned rotten and blackened. The experiment proves that the chlorine dioxide particles can be released slowly without interruption, and has the effects of sterilization, freshness and disinfection.


  1. Rip the outer packaging bag and take out the product
  2. Use special clips or ropes to wear buckle bags
  3. With the air holes facing outward, you can activate the product
  4. Fixed on the neck or clothing, carry it with you


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