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NATURE Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Why do you need an ergonomic keyboard?

1600000 people (usa) THE CULPRIT OF WRIST PAIN The incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome is approximately 0.4% (8 million people),twenty percent of them are caused by keyboards.
(Data from U.S. Department of Labor in 1999)

Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health

Repetitive Strain Injury: What is it and how is it caused?
Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) are conditions most often caused by the repetitive use of parts of the body while performing work and recreational activities. Typically RSI is a result of a work task performed repetitively putting strain on the muscles, tendons, soft tissue and often affecting the nerves. Some examples of activities that can cause RSI are computer use, carpentry. material handling, or even recreational activities such as playing tennis or golf.
Patients may experience symptoms such as throbbing, twinges, tingling, and fatigue which gradually worsens over time. Individuals often ignore discomfort, hoping it will go away.”


  • A 7-point program for treating and preventing RSI,including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Learning proper keyboard techniques
  • Managing pain
  • Setting up the work station
  • Choosing a physician
  • Protecting your vision


X-Bows patented ergonomic keyboard layout

  • Key layout design in accordance with the wrist natural angle and finger natural stretch angle
  • Meticulous designed and optimized keyboard function key arrangement allows you to operate the keyboard in the most natural and comfortable state.
  • Relieving joint fatigue of hands effectively and minimize the pressure of operating keyboard on tendon tissue of finger and wrist.
  • The staggered arrangement of traditional keyboard is inherited from the old typewriter design.
  • This design is prone to false hits. And frequent, unnatural movements can cause damage to the fingers and wrists.
  • Early ergonomic keyboards didn’t have the problem of changing the keys to interlock, just separating them at the wrist angle.
  • But the keys are still arranged in the opposite direction to the finger’s natural extension.

X-bows™ innovative ergonomic design allows user to naturally extend the fingers, reduce wrist abduction, and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

New spherical OEM keycap design
Fit more closely to the shape of your fingertips and the movement curve of the finger typing process, making typing more precise and comfortable.

NATURE™ using optical switches
Using optical induction instead of mechanical contact, zero lag on switches, faster response and more accuracy

No mechanical wear, no change on touching, consistency on switch feedback

16 million colors RGB backlight
Multiple sets of lighting effects can be stored in the keyboard and switched with shortcuts.The lighting color and flashing effect of each button can be customized.Supports sound control light effect to allow your keyboard to dance to music

Powerful driver custom settings
– N-Key Rollover (NKRO).
– Key value and back light color of each key can be customized using the drive.
– Powerful macro recording function,mastering the keyboard freely.

Support various systems
Support Windows, Mac/ios, Linux, Android and other systems

  • Windows
  • Mac / iOS
  • Linux

The ergonomic key design has been well received by users after being sold overseas.

“Naturally, the wrist kind of wants to go this way. So,these keys are meant to follow your fingers.”
– Lewis from Unbox Therapy

“This is a complete redesign of a keyboard, it’s more ergonomic..It becomes a lot easier to type once you get it all down”
– Uravgconsumer

Revolutionize the way you type on a keyboard. Less