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16% off Nesugar R012 Ice Cube Desktop Water Cooling Fan Summer Portable Mini Cooler USB Humidifying Misting Spray Fan – Greenish Blue Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Nesugar Ice Cube Desktop Water Cooling Fan

• Cold humidification
• Three gear wind speed
• Adjustable wind direction

  • Nano Ice Mist
  • Turbo wind
  • Axial air duct
  • Suspension motor
  • Sterile water tank
  • Low noise and mute

The summer is hot, and the wind is not enough, the humidified wind is cool

Ultrasonic atomization
Very hydrating makes you beautiful at all times .Adopting the same ultrasonic atomization technology as the moisturizer, the two-headed powerful spray can penetrate the skin slightly.

Add water to 180ML and humidify for 4 hours to reduce the retention of old water Separate curtain-free design allows bacteria to hide

It’s cool to add water
Adding some ice cubes is even more terrifying.The super large water inlet is more convenient for adding water, and can be injected into the common mineral water and natural drinking water in the market.
At the same time, it is also convenient to add ice cubes. When the fan is turned on, it is cooled and humidified, which can quickly reduce the body surface temperature,

Special Note This product does not support the use of distilled water or purified water, so as not to affect the fogging effect.

30 degree wind direction adjustment
Adapt to different usage scenarios .You no longer need to give your fan pad a book. You can easily turn the grille and adjust the wind direction wherever you want to blow, and I can easily handle different desktop heights.

Touch button Open easily
Two touch buttons are set to eliminate complicated button instructions. Three-speed wind speed adjustment, touch to start humidification and fogging

Healthy no-wet curtain design
The humidification module of this product changes the old wet curtain atomization method. Not only is the amount of mist greater, the noise is smaller, but it is not easy to breed bacteria.

  • “Side + back” super-large air inlet design increases air intake, wind speed 10m/s
  • The wind passes through the wet curtain, resulting in low air volume, high noise, and mildew on the wet curtain

Moist and silent Create a comfortable sleep
The humidifier misting system uses a low-noise solution, which is quiet and allows you to enjoy the proper wind.

Axial air duct technology Low noise and strong wind
The golden axial three-dimensional air intake on all four sides provides the motive force for the strong air volume,while reducing the noise, which not only ensures the air volume but also reduces the noise,

Air Conditioning Companion · Air Circulation
With the use of air conditioners, the indoor air forms a convection cycle

Versatile Coping with various scenarios
The simple and simple shape can adapt to different environments and can be easily controlled at every moment

Humidification of office environment Improves dry skin after radiation

Humidification of home environment Create a comfortable large space environment humidity Less

NeSugar R010 Mini Travel Portable Steam Iron Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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nesugar Handheld Steam Iron

-High-temperature wrinkle removal
-Hanging ironing two-in-one
-One-button operation

Simulated Motion Trajectory Suitable for hanging iron and flat iron

800W Rapid Heating out of Fog

One-click operation Suitable for a variety of fabrics

  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Rayon

Aluminum Panel The ironing machine panel is made of high-density aluminum alloy material, after fine sandblasting and oxidation treatment,the surface is as delicate and smooth as the skin.

High-efficiency Pressure Cooker The built-in high-temperature pressure cooker is highly efficient and fast in heat conduction,allowing the steam to fully rotate and continuously increase the temperature, and the steam is quickly formed by heating and pressing for 20s.

According to the test steam can reach 115-125 degrees, not only can quickly shape the clothes, but also eliminate the hidden bacteria between the fabric fibers. Can be used for simple laundry disinfection.

Silicone Cover Anti-scald Protective Cover The Xiaolv hanging ironing machine comes with a protective cover to protect the aluminum alloy panel in all directions. At the same time, it can be used as an anti-heat pad during intermittent use, so that the high temperature hanging ironing machine can avoid direct contact with the desktop.

Slim flat brush shape Only need to occupy the edge gap in the luggage. The overall weight is extremely light, equivalent to the weight of a 500ML bottle of mineral water.

Independent Water Tank The water tank can be easily disassembled with only two hands twisted in the opposite direction for easy filling and cleaning. Less