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47% off NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand Portable Adjustable Notebook Bracket Eye-Level Ergonomic Cooling Pad for Apple MacBook PC Laptop Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Bear the weight of 10KG

Small body, vigorously

7 grade height to choose freely Can enhance the height of the notebook screen line of sight 15cm-32cm, with a fine measure, to find the most comfortable position for your neck and eyes.

7 grade height adjustable Take you into a true ergonomic health posture!

Laptop Stand Convenient, foldable, can be lifted. Protect your spine.

With carring sleeve, can carry it with you and used anywhere.

8 Height Adjustment Options
Elevates laptop screen 5.5″ to 12.6″ above tabletop

  • 8 Ounces Compact and Lightweight
  • 1 Second Quick and Easy in Operation
  • 8 Positions Ergonomic and Height Adjustable
  • 20 LBS Weight-bearing Capacity


  1. Open the stand
  2. Fold the stand when not using
  3. Lower the height: Press the Height Adjustment Trigger and pushing the Arm Rest, adjust the height to your need, then loosen the Trigger, the stand height will be locked
  4. Raise the height: The thumbs push the Arc Grip up, then can raise the height(no need press the Height Adjustment Trigger).
  5. Put your laptop front edge in the Arc Grip for using.
  6. Spacers (If needed): When you are using super slim notebook, the spacers may needed, just put the spacers in Arc Grip.