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Eliminate Bacteria Breeding Dead Zone
NOMU A1 350ml Contactless Smart Infrared Sterilizer

Fully Automatic Contactles: Operation
– Effectively Solve The Spread of The Virus The non-contact intelligent disinfection sprayer cleverly adds the automatic induction equipment to the watering can. You only need to put your hand under it, and it will automatically spray sterilizing liquid to your hands for disinfection, with an effective range of up to 1M.

  • Smart sensors
  • 1M range

Two Spray Modes for Different Usage Scenarios

1-Manned mode When the sterilizer senses the object approaching within a distance of 0-50cm, it will immediately pray the disinfectant. From the object approaching to leaving, it will spray only once.

2-Unmanned mode When the sterilizer senses that an object is approaching within a distance of 0-100CM, it immediately enters the state to be sprayed until the object leaves, and sprays once after a delay of 1s. This mode is suitable for scenes with many people, such as elevators, toilets, etc.

More User-friendly Details

1-Spray time adjustment
0.5 seconds less spray volume setting: Suitable for killing small objects, such as hands,masks, mobile phone toys, etc.
1 second large spray volume setting: Suitable for large objects such as long door handles,elevator internal buttons, clothing boots, etc.

2 – Manual operation Manually sterilize items that need temporary disinfection, such as mobile phones, masks, clothes, etc., one or more times at any time.

Double Nozzle Design
Offers More Comprehensive Disinfection There is a disinfection water spray outlet on the side and bottom of the sterilizer. The side nozzle is mainly used for disinfection of moving objects such as human hands and express delivery packaging. Through the double nozzle design,the sterilizer can be applied in a wider range of applications.

4 Infrared Sensors To Provide Strong Stability of Working
Equipped with 4 infrared sensors,two short-range sensors and work in manned mode;two long-range sensors and work in unmanned mode.Maximum guarantee that the sterilizer can work stably.Coupled with the cooperation of manual buttons,it truly realizes 24 hours of uninterrupted protection.

Widely used in Daily Life

  • Door handle
  • Elevator
  • Shoe cabinet
  • Hat rack
  • Closestool
  • Bus handle
  • Car
  • Supermarket

3 Installation Modes, Flexible to Use

With Stand (included) You can move it to anywhere without restrictions.

With Lanyard (NOT included) Can be hung in a high place to disinfect a larger environment. Less