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43% off Yoice ODI-JRQ2 Constant Temperature Baby Wipes Heater LED Real-time Display One-button Adjustment of Temperature Household Portable Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Constant Temperature Wipes Heater
Constant temperature throughout the day

Top Heating
Quickly heat 4-5 wipes on the top, keep the wipes underneath fresh, and avoid drying out due to prolonged heating.

Keeping temperatures low prevents bacteria from breeding

80 wipes can be put in one time
3 days usage, no need to change wipes frequently

Comfort of Wet Wipes

Constant Temperature throughout the Day Use as you go
Built-in Temperature Sensor, keep temperature at 45 °C~55 °C. Avoid high temperatures,cold temperatures, and warm weather

Energy Saving
Low power constant temperature without electricity

2.5 days only using one kWh

You can choose between 45 °C ~ 55 °C
One-button adjustment of temperature,LED real-time display, suitable for different season.

Non-slip Bottom

PP Material
PP material has good heat resistance and impact resistance

Steps for Usage

  1. Open the lid of the heater
  2. Fix the wipes with the plastic seal off with a heated cover elastic band
  3. Close the lid and plug in the power to adjust the temperature
  4. After reaching the set temperature, press the paper take button, the cover will pop up automatically, and you can use it now.


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