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Onemi Smart Planting Partner
Let green be close to quiet time
Indoor artifact / Al intelligent flowerpot

  • Patent technology
  • Real time monitoring
  • WiFi connection
  • Remote monitoring
  • One click watering
  • Data analysis
  • Intelligent sensing
  • Teaching with pleasure

What are the problems we are facing at present?
What are the problems to be solved?

  • Forget watering
  • fertilizing
  • poor care
  • The soil is too dirty
  • troublesome to clean
  • unable to look after
  • Complex planting
  • difficult to survive
  • short survival period

Simple in a complex world
Lend me a meter balcony, return you a meter of field, with interesting square Planting life makes planting easier and easier.

Support Mijia app Intelligent control of Xiaoai schoolmate
The product supports Mijia app linkage control and Xiaoai classmate voice control. You don’t have to worry when you go out. You can view the growing environment remotely and control it in real time. It makes planting easier and control more casual, making life full of endless possibilities.

*Built in WiFi communication module, can use app function without gateway equipment, remote control.
*Intelligent linkage scenarios are increasing in software iteration.

Ten science and technology to simplify complexity

  • Soil moisture
  • Natural matrix
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Water soluble fertilizer
  • Fertility monitoring
  • Remote interaction
  • Water level monitoring
  • Energy saving
  • Light monitoring
  • Automatic watering

Smart planting partner
Cloud big data, rich green plant database, one key matching the best planting parameters, caring for your green plants.

Planting is not blind, water saving, labor saving and more worry saving
Natural matrix: clean environmental protection, super water storage capacity;
One key irrigation: remote control, manual and automatic double selection;
Super large capacity water tank: bid farewell to frequent water addition,
making planting simple;
Smart chip: full of water, lack of water, device beep reminder.

  • Natural matrix Super water storage capacity
  • One click irrigation Automatic watering
  • Super capacity water tank

Redefining indoor planting Make your planting smart

  • Healthy life ball, plant growth state at a glance.
  • Real time control of temperature, soil moisture, soil, fertility, illumination, water tank water, to know.
  • Five sensors can store the historical data of the past three months / display them by day, week and month, and plant clearly, and master the growth trend of plants with big data.
  • Plant status, accurate understanding of planting time, planting days, estimated harvest time, are full of expectations.
  • Accumulate watering, cultivation days and harvest times, achieve the planting love level, and let you win step by step on the road of planting.

Don’t worry about planting Xiaobai. I’ll give you all the harvest
Give your child a dynamic partner, and from then on, change your child’s habits. The function of education in music, the power of nature makes communication closer; the perception of nature is the best textbook for
children; your company is the most beautiful expectation on the road of children’s growth.

  • Break the traditional transnational cooperation. Open a new mode of family planting
  • Several crop specific programs There’s always one for you
  • Family sharing of green food materials. Full of children’s joy in receiving goods
  • Instant delivery of high quality fresh seedlings. Whole process technical team support. Easy to survive
  • Natural organic matrix. Help the seedling grow a variety of vegetables. For you to choose