OUMANTU 1804 Business Men’s Backpack Banggood Coupon Promo Code

44% off OUMANTU 1804 Business Men's Backpack Laptop Bag Shoulders...More

44% off OUMANTU 1804 Business Men’s Backpack Laptop Bag Shoulders Storage Travel Outdoor Bag with USB Waterproof Schoolbag Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • It can be carried horizontally or vertically
  • Simple design package

Design of external USB interface on the side of backpack
Convenient to charge mobile phone at any time, making travel easier

  1. High quality oxford fabric High density fabric, coating technology waterproof and wear-resistant

*Scratch and wear resistance
*No fading
*Tear resistance

2. Scientific compartment Large capacity storage Large capacity multi-layer storage space design, to meet your daily needs

First floor space Multi functional layered storage bag with clear internal partition is convenient for classified storage of articles, which is neat and not messy

Second floor space Large capacity clothes storage warehouse, convenient to carry all kinds of clothes, no longer need to worry about too many clothes can not be packed

Third floor space Special compartment bag for laptop easy to carry laptop and iPad effectivelyprotect computer from collision

3. Scalable capacity Side zipper expansion layer design can increase bag capacity and facilitate carrying more clothes

4. Lighten the burden and travel calmly Scientific decompression of human body mechanics makes every trip easier

  • S-shaped wide shoulder strap 20% – 25% reduction in weight bearing
  • Thickened high density foam shoulder strap soft fit back curve effective decompression

5. Convenient backpack strap When traveling abroad, the backpack is fixed on the trolley case to make walking easier Less

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