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11% off Petree Smart Wifi Automatic Sensor Cleaning Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Closed Tray Toilet for Pet Fun Cat Toilet Shoveling Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Petree Automatic litter box upgrade 2.0

Silent work shovel shit

  • Automatic shovel
  • Mute upgrade
  • Odorless and dustless
  • Body wash
  • Anti-cat protection
  • Large space

Fully automatic shovel
Free your hands, shovel excrement automatically, bid farewell to manual, refuse to pile up, and solve your “travel anxiety”.

Automatic induction design
Pull and shovel, and the cat will automatically start to work 30s after it leaves to seal off the source of odor. Reject the “shoveling of feces” such as strong odor and breeding of bacteria.

172s clear troubles
Easy to operate, no extra keys needed. After the cleaning is completed, it will automatically return to the right. During the cleaning process, a cat will enter the automatic pause.

  • Auto-sensing Cat in and out
  • Two rounds of cleaning Excrement
  • Automatically return Easy and convenient

Low decibel operation
The new silent upgrade, bid farewell to noise troubles, and try to protect your sleep.

Small size and large capacity
Compact structure, small footprint and space. 0.3 brings you 67L super large use space, just put it in the corner of the home, it can provide better protection for the cat.

17cm from the ground
The suitable height and wide opening make it easy for cats to become familiar and adapt faster. Easy to get in and out, it is more applicable to cats of different body types.

Activated carbon deodorization
Provide you with multiple deodorization links to effectively prevent the volatilization of odors. Reject the trouble of “exotic smell”.

Quadruple protection, interpretation of the details of the fuselage structure Gravity sensor Sensor exclusive protection structure, high-precision sensing

Height difference opening design
Prevents no gap with the ground when it rolls over Eliminate the hidden danger of suffocation

Anti-bite line safety design
Prevent cats from biting the wire and getting an electric shock Ensure product durability

Conch structure design
Patented design without crossover Avoid stagnation

Conch structure design

  • Tips for the highest Gaza line Better use
  • Snap button link No screws exposed and scratch resistant
  • High quality silicone bottom Anti-stick and antibacterial
  • Side button button opening and closing Convenient top cover removal


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