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Pimax 5K Plus with Dual Customized Low Persistence Liquid panels can take you into the more immersive VR world: sharper text, bright image, no Ghost / Smear, high refresh rate, few Screen Door, all Of these will greatly solve the pain points in the current VR market.

  • 5K Ultra High Definition 2 x 2560* 1440 CLPL panel, over 7 million pixels.
  • Light Ergonomic Design 470g body weight, big size, small pressure.
  • Big Field of View 200 degree FOV, closing to Human vision.

PIMAX 5K Plus Best Price DEALS

Less Screen Door, Bigger FOV, More Immersed No more pain point of Screen Door, none of enemies can escape from the corner of your eye.

Pimax 5K Plus VR supports steamVR Tracking 1.0 & 2.0 technology, so your previous Base station and Controllers can still fight in VR world. Less