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TINYMU Smart Home Anti-bacteria Tolilet Seat

  • Anti-bacteria
  • Instant Heating
  • Remote Control
  • Soft Flushing

Ergonomic Curve Seat Design
Provides More Comfortable Sitting Continute Sitting after 30minutes, the Buzzer will Alert You

  • Curve Design
  • Sedentary Alert

99.9% Effective Anti-bacteria
Body and Cover are Made of High Quality Anti-bacteria Material,Effective Antibacterial Rate Reach 99.9%, which Prevent You and Your Family from Getting Disease.

0.1 Micron High Precision Filter
It can Filtrate Impurities in the Water, Even Pregnants and Women in Menstrual Period Can Use Safely

Soft Air Bubble Principle Current Hip Wash

Hip Wash Back & Forth
With washing current which is added to bubble, provides you comfortable and clean washing in larger washing range

Soft Feminine Cleaning
With multihole sprayer nozzle for cleaning the anus and genital areas, helping female to clean their vulva easily and keep healthy even in the menstruation period

Instant Heating Technology
Ceramics Calorifier Heats the Cold Water to a Comfortable Temperature in a Moment, Provides You Comfortable Washing

Remote Control and Monitor by Smart APP
Connect the Product with Mijia APP, You can check the Using Condition of the Product and Filter, Power Saving and Antibacterial Functions can be set too

Nano-Sliver Ordor Elimination
Always Keep Air in Your Bathroom being Fresh This Function can be set in the APP

3 Grade Adjustable Heatable Seat
3-Grade Adjustable Temperature, Satisfy Different People’s Need Has Safe Technology to Prevent Low Temperation Burning

Simple Operation Panel
The Icon of Main Functions are Clear at a Glance Braille is Added to the Panel Considerately Less