PULUZ 30cm UVC Germicidal Sterilizer Disinfection Box Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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59% off PULUZ 30cm UVC Germicidal Sterilizer Disinfection Tent Box Health Care Tablets Phone Cleaner Sterilization Box Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Shed sterilization, scheduled sterilization time according to demand, high efficiency, no residue, quick effect

  • Toothbrush cup sterilization

Short-wave UVC disinfection
After short-wave UVC irradiation, the bacterial body will immediately die after the link between nuclear protein and DNA is broken, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and improve the sterilization efficiency. It isan ideal and safe sterilization band.

Tips: Avoid looking directly at the UV lamp during disinfection. Do not use the UV lamp to illuminate the human body and other animals.

More comprehensive UV disinfection

  • Wide range
  • Quick effect
  • No residue

Common household disinfection methods:

  • Mite remover Local removal of mites,small range
  • Disinfection water Residual carcinogens
  • High temperature disinfection Limited disinfection, local use
  • Air purifier High amount of consumables not removing mites

Disinfection Tent Box supports USB charging
1.Desktop computer charging.
2.Laptop charging.
3. Mobile power charging.
4.Charging plug charging.

Take out the germicidal lamp, hand sterilization, convenient and quick

-Sterilizing lamp tap
-Germicidal lamp
-Fixed elastic band
-Food Grade Aluminum Film
-Oxford cloth

Wide Compatibility
For Home, School, Office, Restaurant, Hospital

  • Family
  • School
  • Restaurant
  • Hospital

Installation Steps

  1. Take out the product
  2. Install the germicidal lamp
  3. Assembly Shed
  4. Attach the bottom of the shed
  5. Attach the top of the shed
  6. Assembly complete


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