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  • Size: 8.7in*3.2in*2.5in
  • Capacity: 12OZ (FULL)
  • Voltage: 12V Current 5A
  • Power: 60W
  • Temp range: 68°F-194°F (20°C-90°C)
  • Error Rang: +4°F Cup
  • material: Tritan
  • Tank material: 304 stainless steel

Punica 9L-Q9J7-JZ5K Smart Travel Coffee Mug small Black

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  • LCD TEMPE DISPLAY - Please see the third picture,Our smart coffee mug LCD will display the actually temperature. You will know your drink temp before you drink it.LCD have two color model .RED COLOR is on heating ,BLUE COLOR is keeping warm. Your drink is ready to taste when you see the blue light.
  • TAKE OUT INNER CUP FOR WASHING- It's NECCSSARY to wash inner cup after we drink coffee,Screw out inner cup and you will take out stainless steel inner cup for washing ,you can put inner cup into cup body after it dry Ss EASY and So convenience.
  • SAFE FOR USE- Smart coffee mug will shut off automatic when system test working state un-normal.For example no water in mug, voltage too high or too low .Our system will stop and display error code"188" ,you will know which problem your smart mug happen.
  • TEMPE CONTROL - You can set any temp from 10℃ to 90℃ . Easy to use add coffee or other rinking into mug and use "+" or "- " button to set temperature.then press power button to start . Suggestions: you can set Coffee 65 degree ,tea 55 degree ,baby milk 40 degree,Noodles 90degree.100℉=38℃ 110℉=43℃ 120℉=48℃ 130℉=54℃ 140℉=60℃ 150℉=65℃ 160℉=71℃ 170℉=76℃ 180℉=82℃ 194℉=90℃