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7% off Desktop Smart Touchscreen 3D Scanner Tanso S1 with HD Projection Preview Android Tablet Portable – gold Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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  • 7.0-inch HD touchscreen
  • Built-in computing capacity
  • 3D innovation
  • Long battery life
  • 3D modeling + artificial intelligence
  • 3D intelligent terminal

Tanso S1 3D Scanner Best Price DEALS

High accuracy with high-resolution texture mapping Tanso S1 scans with an accuracy as high as 0.1mm, and a point distance of 0.12mm, meeting the precision requirements of VR/AR and reverse engineering. The camera resolution is up to 13 million pixels, able to output lifelike models with vivid color and fine details.

Store your models in the cloud and ready for 3D printing With our free cloud service, you can safely store your scanned models. So every single model you’ve scanned with Tanso S1 is always accessible on your PC, smart phone or tablet. You can do post editing using our free PC software, or export it to any brand 3D printers via API access.

Fast, portable, and easy-to-use Tanso S1 features a thin, light, and portable design that makes it a perfect companion. At 1.15 pounds and 15 mm thin, it’s easy to operate in hand. You can tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom to scan and check the scanned 3D models like a normal tablet intuitively. Unlike other scanners, it scans without annoying cables and complicated setup. 2 minutes is all you need to scan a simple object, and it takes 1 more minute to scan a more complex one.

It is more than a 3D scanner With Tanso S1, you get along with many incredible things you’d never expect from one device. You can use it as:

  • A 3D scanner
  • A HD projector
  • An entertaining tablet
  • It’s much more than any other scanners


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