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$1229.99 with coupon code for [EU Direct] RICH BIT RT-860 12.8AH 36V 250W 26inch Folding Moped Electric Bike 40KM Mileage Range Cycling Mountain Bicycle at Banggood.

Banggood Coupon Price :$1229.99 [CZ Stock]

Banggood Regular Price : $2,499.99 Your Save : $1,270.00 Coupon Limit: 20 times Expires : Aug 31, 2023

RICH BIT the Whole Population Sub-health State

Occupies Almost 75%!

5% According to WHO Research, the population under healthy state is only

20% The population with various desease is almost


  • Lack Of Exercise
  • Stay Up TOO Late, Less Rest
  • Irrational Dlet


RICH BIT Help You Bid Farewell To Sub-health The Advantages, of Cycling without time and speed limits, Bike Cycling helps to accelerate blood flowing. Breathing more fresh air, it will offer more brain and refresh your body!

  • It can prevent aging and improve the agility of the nervous system
  • Riding is one of the effective way: to prevent heart disease
  • No traffic jams, traveling more conveniently


ELECTRIC BIKE TOP-860 Battery is 36V* 12.8Ah, with LG battery Cell, guarantee for its using life, 12.8Ah means long range, with one full battery charge, two models can reach long distance: Throttle model- 40-50KM. PAS-50-60KM

  • Speedometer
  • Hub Motor
  • Disc brake
  • Mobile Stand& Charge
  • MTB Saddle


Wheel :26 Inch
Frame :Aluminum Alloy
Motor :36V 250W Mountain E-Bike
Battery :36V’12.8AH Lithium-ion Battery
Control :36V Match Mountain E-Bike
PAS :With PAS Function, It can save70% Energy during cycling
Transmission System :SHIMANO 21 speed
Brake :Taiwan Mechanical Disc Brake
Tire :26*1.95 KENDA Tire
Speed :35KM/H
Range :50-60KM
NW/GW :23/27 KG
Package :144*23*75 CM

Speedometer The Speedometer Display Is Not Only For The Speed Monitor In The Cycling, But Also For The Battery Monitor, Make The Rider Be Sure Of The Battery And Its Peed.

  • Speed Monitor
  • Battery Display
  • Front LED Light

Lithium Battery TOP-860 Battery is 36V*12.8Ah, with LG battery cell, guarantee for its using life, 12.8AH means long range, with one full battery charge, two models can reach long distance: Throttle model- 45-50KM. PAS—50-60km

  • Waterproof Design
  • 250W electricity
  • 35km/h per Hour
  • 45km-50km trip
  • 3.55kg net Weight
  • 12.8AH electricity

NEW BMS Battery Management System

  • Equalization functions
  • Voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Excessive discharge protection
  • Anti-inverse Charge
  • Excessive current protection

Two Kinds Recharging Ways Two models of charging the battery ,on or off the bike, easy to process the battery charge

  • By Filling
  • Fill Continuously

TIPS: To Keep Your Battery Works Better And Work For Longer Time, Please Take The Battery Off The Bike When You Don’t Use It For More Than One Week!

Thinking what you want

ALL YOU WANT THERE WILL BE Equipped with mobile phone charging bracket. once plug and charge_ perfect fix. for you to solve the problem of riding in the phone. mobile phone charging and mobile navigation.

SURGİNG POWER RICH BIT 250watt high performance motor. powerful and fast, the max speed can be easy to 36KM/H( Throttle Model ) suitable for different terrains, perfect for sport men to do their weekend cycling in Forest or Sea Beach,

Easy to Switch all-Electric Pedal Power Mode Equipped with intelligent power system. according to the size of manpower. to provide support for the rider

CENTRAL CONTROLLER Ultra – quiet design technology Unique current control algorithm, and RICH BIT motor match. Making the RICH BIT e-bike has better control.

LED ANTI-LIGHT DIGITAL DASHBOARD We focus on comfortable ride experience and develop clear LCD dashboards. So that time, speed, travel data at a glance.

6061 ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME We Strictly Require The Frame Material, Rich Bit Electric Bicycle Is Used 6061 Aluminum Alloy Material. the Rigidity Of The Body Is Significantly Improved, The Weight And Strength Of The Body Are Perfectly Balanced And The Performance Is Even Better.

Aluminum Alloy Frame MODERN DESIGN

RICH BIT Wind-Breaking Frame, with Fashion Design, Good Quality High Performance Frame

  • Super Solid Material
  • Ultra-Thickness Design
  • Ergonomic Design


Featured Materials Every RICH BIT e-bike, We have *vere Standard level, the thick neeca need to be 1.2-2.Omm, C12 content i’ higher than the general product. be able the time teat, long aerviee life.

USING SOPHISTICATED MODERN PAINT PROCESS. RICH BIT purchase fine paint equipment, wing ‘pray 4 paint the process, for each frame of the paint process, to ensure. To ensure the quality of the frame paint.

HAVE A GOOD PERFORMANCE FORK LET YOU RIDE IN A VARIETY OF TERRAINS Suspension Fork A’ One Of The Important Part: Of E bikes, Good Fork Requires The Fine Spring, The Quick Speed Of The Suspension, The High comfort Cycling Feeling.

HIGH QUALITY TIRE The Tires That Rich Bit Choose, With Good Quality In The Grips On Various Terrains, Reduce The Tire Fray. Meeting The Varies Need Of The Customers’ Cycling.

SAFETY BRAKE POWER OFF / MECHANICAL DISC Your safe is what we are most concerned about

LED RONT LIGHT 360° degree lighting system, Safe no dead end’, a key to open, provide wide-angle lighting area, but also caff cave 15% of energy consumption.




[EU Direct] RICH BIT TOP-860 12.8AH 36V 250W 26inch Folding Moped Electric Bike 35km/h Top Speed 35-40km/h Mileage Range Cycling Mountain Bicycle

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