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Rogbid G10F TWS Bluetooth Earphone Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Rogbid G10F Price DEALS

Super long standby time enjoy true wireless

  • Comfortable to wear
  • One touch key to control
  • Small and portable |
  • One key to operate
  • Low frequency sound
  • Fashion appearance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long life
  • Clear voice experience

1.5CM real mini compact Small and light, but only 1.5cm wide, small and comfortable, no sense of wear, wear for a long time without feeling tired

8+40 Hours super long time standby time

The headset can play music for about 8 hours on a single charge.500 ma charging bin can charge the headset 4-5 times for a long time Higher than similar products

  • 8H long standby
  • 60mAh button battery
  • 500mAh polymer battery charging bin

Fingerprint touch without pressing     The left and right earphones are equipped with touch keys, which can be easily realized with one finger to control music, connect the phone, and wake up the intelligent voice. It can change the traditional button mode to reduce more pressure on the ear

  • Play the music touch the headset
  • Call control answer/switch: touch once to hang up/reject: touch 25
  • Flip up and down to the previous track: touch 25 with your left ear
  • Siri wakes up activation/shutdown: two touches

Multi scene low delay scheme to see, hear  For the three scenes of playing games, listening to music and watching videos, three low-delay schemes are customized, which can be switched as needed to enjoy the pleasant experience of sound and picture synchronization

open cover is connected to a simpler way For the first connection, you need to click the bluetooth G9F. For subsequent use, open the charging bin and the earphone will be connected to the phone immediately. The experience is better than the wired earphone

Double click to summon Siri Regardless of driving or daily life, Siri can be activated by two touches on either side of the earphones (android phone wakes up the brand phone’s autonomous voice assistant), and it can follow your instructions at any time and operate freely


Siri wakes up with two taps

Help navigate to daxing international airport

Intelligent noise reduction and effective shielding of environmental noise   Intelligent noise reduction, eliminate the surrounding interference, let the call clearer

  • Support for binaural calls
  • Depth noise reduction function

Fit the auricle more comfortable to wear  Ergonomically fitted to the ear canal, comfortable wear, the size of the in-ear part is suitable for a variety of ear types, very comfortable and lock the ear firmly for a long time

  • High quality silicone ear cap
  • 145° more fitting to ear canal

Wear it but forget its existence

With an in-ear design that doesn’t squeeze the ear canal and a small body lighter than A4 paper, it was worn comfortably for a day and forgotten

  • In-ear design for a full day
  • 4g single ear weight feather light
  • The type-c interface says goodbye to excess wire

Double main machine, take any one can be used independently   The two headsets are equipped with bluetooth 5.0 chips, and any one of them can be connected instantly to cooperate with the newly developed flash connection technology. The mode of single and double ears can be seamlessly switched

  • Double host
  • Open cover
  • Seamless switching

Professional tuning enjoy music    6mm moving coil compound film horn, sound quality out of quality, high school sound balance, strong stereo sense, place oneself \in the concert, enjoy the charm of music

Product parameters

Exquisite charging “treasure box” small to the right Full of surprises and energy of the charging box, small and portable design, single-handedly play, give you love the beautiful

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