Rooman F6 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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10% off Rooman F6 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Two Standard Brush Heads – White Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Rooman F6 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush

-One-click tooth cleaning
-Remove plaque easily
-Wake up fresh breath

  • Magnetic charging, faster and more convenient
  • Vibration frequency up to 31000 times / min
  • Intelligent mode stepless speed change
  • Integrated design craftsmanship
  • DuPont Diamond Brush
  • 70 days endurance
  • IPX7 level waterproof
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly design

31000 vibrations per minute
The cleaning effect is 7 times higher than ordinary toothbrush Effectively care for gum health and reduce plaque Effectively remove tooth pigments and improve brightness

One-click frequency conversion
12 gear adjustment 240Hz vibration frequency to 250 Hz vibration frequency is decomposed into 12 levels. According to different tooth sensitivity and oral problems,the most comfortable strength can be adjusted at will.Let the oral cavity enjoy high-quality care

Brush your teeth scientifically, smart reminder
F6 sonic electric toothbrush will pause and vibrate once every 30 seconds, reminding the change zone to clean Two minutes in the morning and evening, witness a healthy mouth, wake up fresh breath

  • 2 minutes Smart timing Ensure effective tooth cleaning
  • 30 seconds Reversal reminder Make sure every tooth is clean

Show confidence and keep your teeth clean Fully clean your teeth in two weeks and return your healthy mouth

DuPont Diamond Brush, better at cleaning
Wavy brush design to increase the contact surface between the brush head and teeth .Uniform force, more effective cleaning of tooth surface

The bristle rounding rate is as high as 99.8%, which is 150% of the standard

Flocked black technology,healthy and environmentally friendly
The brush head adopts advanced hot melt hair planting technology, which eliminates the oxidation and rust problems of the metal sheet process in the ordinary brush head,no harmful gas is released, and avoids the accumulation of dirt and dirt

  • Gross amount increased by about 50%

Removable brush head,scientific docking
In order to ensure that the toothbrush head does not collide with the host during high-frequency vibration
There is a certain gap between the brush head and the handle, allowing the motor to fully release strong power

3D shaped small brush head Clean in-depth areas that are difficult to brush .The brush head is compact and can penetrate into the inside of the mouth, and the small teeth can also be covered, flexibly cleaning the oral cavity blind area

  • Wisdom tooth
  • Teeth internal area

Body washable
Brush your teeth right in the shower Fully sealed design, able to clean under water flow Whether in the shower or bath, just brush Break the space constraints

IPX7 waterproof
Can be soaked in water up to 1 meter in depth for 30 minutes, after washing,you can directly rinse with water

Magnetic levitation sound wave vibration
Clean power comes from power
High-performance magnetic levitation sonic motor,more powerful power and larger coverage area. Bring strong cleaning to teeth,increase efficiency by 70%

  • 5.5mm bristle swing
  • 31000 vibrations per minute

Water wave scouring flow, deep into clean tooth gap

  • 150% Electric rotating toothbrush
  • 200% Manual toothbrush

Intelligent memory core
With memory function, every time you turn on,the default gear used last time .Take care of your oral health

-Charging time 3 hours
-Battery life Up to 70 days

Charging 3 hours,battery life 70 days
Battery life black technology,magnetic fast charging .Built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, once full, long-lasting battery life

Simple but not simple
Craftsmanship shows the beauty of art and brings you a more comfortable feel .Gives you a comfortable brushing experience from the inside out

The F6 adopts an integrated and concise design, with a sleek and simple appearance, and a slim waist design,which is more in line with the comfort of Asians.

The brush handle adopts the pearl oil spray painting process,which makes the product have a full luster feel

The pure metal ring material is used between the brush head and the handle to make the product form a whole and have a more texture

  • Handle neck, not easy to break when bent Good elasticity, prevent excessive force to damage the gums
  • Body, integrated button The body is integrally formed, waterproof and beautiful without gaps
  • Brush handle, non-slip and no dirt The brush handle adopts pearl oil painting process, which is non-slip, comfortable and stain-resistant
  • Charging base A new generation of magnetic fast charging technology, the base of high current charging


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Rooman C1 Electric Sonic Children Toothbrush Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

25% off Rooman C1 Children Electric Toothbrush with Food-grade Small...More

25% off Rooman C1 Children Electric Toothbrush with Food-grade Small Brush Head – Sakura Pink Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

Gearbest Coupon Price :$29.99

Regular Price : $39.99 Your Save : $14.00 Coupon Limit: 100 times Warehouse: CN-099 Expires :July 31, 2020 Coupon Valid for : All users

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Protect teeth from early childhood.
C1 Electric Sonic Children Toothbrush

  • Vibration frequency 156-260HZ
  • Three brushing modes designed for babies
  • America-imported DuPont facet bristle
  • Tumbler Suction cup design
  • Imported food grade silicone material

Most of the parents will face the following troubles.

  • Hate brushing the teeth
  • Don’t know how to brush
  • Brush your teeth seriously

Making tooth brushing a game C1 has children immerse in the fun of it

Little by little learn how to correctly brush the teeth

  • DuPont Diamond Soft Hair
  • Baby Brushes
  • Safety
  • Efficient and Clean

Imported PP food grade brush head, Take care of baby’s delicate gums
Sleek and streamlined brush head design,the length is determined according to children’s oral cavity.Imported PP food grade brush heads are used to ensure that the entrance is harmless.Love every tooth of your baby

  • Brush wire end rounding treatment Refusing the slightest mouth scratch
  • The body adopts skin-friendly silicone material to ensure the entrance is safe and harmless.
  • The handle is added with oil, it is smooth, soft, and muscle-friendly.

Nice and fun
Three kinds of LED lights on the base display, with the adjustment of the gear,the colorful and colorful allows the baby to put the toothbrush in play

More suitable for children’s vibration frequency
Specially aimed at children’s oral cavity, 3 modes, switch at will

  • One-click switching is easy and convenient

Soft vibration
Gently massage baby’s teeth, suitable for baby before changing teeth, take care of baby’s teeth.

Medium frequency vibration
With the streamlined brush head design, it can deeply clean the baby’s teeth, suitable for the baby after the

Whitening mode
Clean your baby’s teeth deep between the teeth, help prevent oral problems such as tooth decay, brighten and polish the front teeth

IPX7 deep waterproof
It is safe to immerse it all in water, Children can play with it at will Less

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