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15% off Soikoi Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box UV Sterilization Smart Pet Toilet Tray with Surgical Mask LED Display Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Automatic cat litter box

  • Shovel when used up
  • Quiet and low consumption
  • Smart anti-pinch
  • Inner bucket washing
  • UV sterilization
  • Timely feedback

Automatic + LED display The smarter the easier Simple and clear display, with multi-function buttons, easy to control smart litter box

Working status Green indicator light flashes Indicates that the clean cabin is about to rotate When the clean cabin is working Green indicator light is always on

Weight display When the cat is in use, it shows the weight of the cat

No bucket tips Display after the collection bucket is taken out And beeps 5 times Machine stopped working

STOP When the cleaning chamber is rotating Display in stop and sterilization mode

Protection system Escorting the safety of pets

  1. Gravity sensor, safe design Sensor exclusive safety design When the clean cabin is operating Any external weight increase Can stop automatically
  2. Anti-cat, baffle filter design Outside the litter box excrement outlet Designed with filter baffle Can effectively prevent cats from entering the exit Prevent cats from getting stuck
  3. Stable base, L-shaped opening The weight of the litter box base is about 7.5KG Relatively stable and not easy to overthrow Stepped surface at the entrance

Intelligent Technology UV lamp sterilization Equipped with sterilization accessories, UV sterilization can be performed when the cat is not using the toilet to protect the health of the pet and the living environment

Large inner space The overall area of .0.36 square meters, can be placed in any corner of the home. About 68L of large internal use volume, cats over 15 catties will not feel crowded

Push-pull toilet storage bucket Not afraid of the wall The storage bucket that can be pushed and pulled left and right is more suitable for the use of multi-cat families and large cats

Fully automatic technology cycle Reject the smell and free your hands Limited in design to prevent odor emission And it can be disassembled countless times with zero damage to components

Mute upgrade Guard your sleep To be efficient but also quiet, the new mute upgrade, maintain the original cleaning efficiency while also keeping the sleep level mute

Humanized handle design Considering various customers, it is more beautiful and labor-saving Easy to mention, women will not find it difficult