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38% off SPANDY ID05 LED Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 9000Pa...More

38% off SPANDY ID05 LED Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 9000Pa Large Suction, 40min Long Battery life Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Banggood Regular Price : $145.68 Your Save : $55.69 Coupon Limit: 100 times Expires : October 31, 2019

Wireless Cleaning Traditional line vacuum cleaners have many problems such as power cord entanglement, inconvenient movement, etc. However, wireless cleaner solves these problems easily

9000pa Suction New dual motor design for more efficient cleaning

Main body motor 150W high power, high-speed rotation quickly evacuates air, quickly vacuums in high pressure

Ground brush sub motor Rolling brush speed 3000+300r/min, deep cleaning the ground, vigorously remove dust

Two-stage suction to deal with different debris

  • Can absorb dust, hair, cotton wool, spider webs and other fine substances
  • Can absorb large particles such as melon seeds, rice grains, shredded paper, etc

Multi-stage Cyclone Filtration Separation, Strong Lasting Suction Multiple purifications and high-speed motor, the energy source continuously provides large Suction force and maintains strong suction for a long time

  • First stage Dust cup cyclone filter large particles
  • Second stage Steel mesh lattice filter hair, small particles
  • Third stage Dust cup Haipa filter dust particles
  • Fourth stage Exhaust air purifying breathable air

360 Degree All Corner-less Cleaning The whole house is clean, switch the cleaning mode anytime and anywhere, corresponding to all kinds of sanitary corners

Storage Base, Stable and Anti-dumping The vacuum cleaner without the storage base can only stand against the wall, and it is easy to slip to accidentally injure the machine, which is also a threat to the children at home. The storage base can easily solve these problems, and the professional is more intimate


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