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Mini Smart Camera Full Color Night Version

1080P Waterproof Smart Camera

16 Major Functions

  1. HD 1080P
  2. PT Ratation
  3. AP Hotspot
  4. Wireless WiFi
  5. Mobile Phone Remote Control
  6. Two-way Audio
  7. Audio Monitoring
  8. Outdoor Waterproof
  9. Smart Chip
  10. Power Supply
  11. Smart Noise Reduction
  12. Easy Installation
  13. Full Color Night Vision
  14. Video Playback
  15. TF Card Storage
  16. No Network Video Recording

Outdoor IP66 Waterproof
Outdoor IP66 waterproof and dustproof design

360° Panoramic View
Smart camera 360° rotation, you can view the surrounding situation 360° in a panoramic views and you can also view it below 90° vertically

Mini Wireless Smart Camera
The mini wireless camera adopts ABS’s environmentally friendly material shell, which is small in appearance,
simple to install, and does not occupy a place.

On-Site Alarm Bell
When the mobile phone receives the mobile detection alarm information on the spot, the camera will immediately sound a high-decibel alarm, and immediately scare off the suspicious person to avoid loss.

5DB High Frequency Antenna
It adopts a full copper core 5DB professional routing gain antenna, and internally uses a 3D spiral surrounding copper core pin to eliminate signal interference, improve signal transmission speed, and more stable protection signal source, making network signal more stable.

High Speed Precision Silent Motor
Intelligent high-speed pan/tilt, remote control of full viewing angle. The camera adopts high-speed precision
silent motor, the precision deviation value is less than 0.1°,the reaction is sensitive, the operation is stable, and there is no sound during the rotation of the gimbal.

HD 1080P Quality
2 million pixels, resolution 1920 x 1080,clear picture detail, vivid colors.

No Network Video Recording
If there is a network interruption, the camera will continue to store video effectively, just insert the memory card.

Two-way Audio
Two-way audio, support video real-time intercom,two-way chat anytime, anywhere.

Monitor Your Own AP Hotspot
In the absence of a network, you can view the video at any time by connecting the phone to the hotspot that comes with the camera.

Built-In Microphone,Live Monitoring
The camera comes with a microphone monitor,which can listen to the live sound.It is generally used for on-site monitoring,evidence collection, crime scenes, etc.

Mobile Phone Remote Control
Remote viewing through the mobile app,taking control of the situation anytime, anywhere.

Infrared Night Vision Switch to the “normal infrared night vision” mode, the camera three infrared lights work, the monitor screen is black and white, the day time effect is a color screen

Full Color Night Vision Switch to the “full color night vision” mode, the camera four white lightswork, the monitor screen is full color picture, the picture is real, and can shock the thief, the day effect is a color picture.

Smart Night Vision Switch to the ‘smart night vision’ mode, the default state of the camera is “normalnight vision”. When someone passes, trigger the camera motion detection functionto turn on the white light. When the infrared light is off, switch to “full color nightvision” and switch off for 3 minutes. Normal night vision, daytime color

Double Light Source
Full-color night light, three high-power infrared lights with four high-power white lights,intelligent switching, in the black night video screen can be rendered like a daytime color Less

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