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46% off TenFifteen F6 4G 1+16G Watch Phone 1.39” AMOLED Touch Screen GPS WIFI bluetooth 5 Million HD Camera Smart Watch Optical Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Exercise Sports Bracelet Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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4G Extreme speed network, beyond the limit

  • Video chat happy sharing
  • Outdoor live chat easily
  • Online game refused to drop
  • Download accompanied Network

1.39 inch IPS full fit – 400*400 – Capacitive touch screen

Ultra high-definition large display

Independent communication, network independent card Nano SIM card Supports independent cellular networks, communications, and various modes of applications to support emergency system protection and other functions Support independent dialing and answering, Can query the phone book synchronization call record, phone book editing, viewing messages, Edit send, etc.

Wrist translation machine Multi-language translation, so that no barriers of communication, Multi-language translation, translation pictures / text translation / voice translation is learning / travel auxiliary artifact

More than 30 countries translate

  • Double translation in more than 30 countries
  • Photo translation

GPS positioning navigation Built-in independent GPS allows you to keep track of the movement path, Or when traveling, you can also pinpoint navigation, Support downloading most of the navigation map software in China

Precision double optical heart rate meter Built-in professional wrist human detection sensor Support heart rate, Paired with big data and accurate calculations Optimize the measurement process

Multi-sport mode professional analysis Focus on multiple sports modes, GPS tracking your trajectory and generate a map Professional sports data analysis, various types of data through the interface display,let you better manage your healthy life.

5 million cameras The F6 uses a 5 megapixel camera, further improved the pixels of camera photography, and adopt a larger area, faster sensor, effectively enhance the color filters and deeper pixels make the quality of the pictures obtained clearer

Quick operation Data history query Calculate the data obtained after the measurement, according to the time to save the system, Clear historical patterns and understand your health by viewing historical data

WiFi, Bluetooth WIFI 4G Internet, paired with Bluetooth low energy Bluetooth 4.0, support Bluetooth music, Bluetooth answering calls, bluetooth photo taking, install the mobile assistant to achieve more features.

Built-in more useful tool, unlimited expansion Concentrate on commonly used functions and classify them according to their nature of use. Optimized the use of the wrist and the ease of operation

More apps unlimited downloads Open Android operating system Based on the original ecosystem developed by Android 7.1 system, compatible with most domestic and foreign Android APKs, you can search and download the APK for your own use, more convenient for customers’ needs for the application. Less

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