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Save an extra 50% coupon code + 5% clip coupon on Professional Hair Clipper for Men with LED Screen, Cordless Hair Trimmer Hair Cutting Set, Barber Clippers Beard Trimmer Hair Shaver with Adjustable Size and Speedfor Men and Family Pets with this coupon code. This coupon code valid through August 20, 2020 or while supplies last on Amazon. Discount applies at checkout.

Coupon Price : $22.49

LED LCD Display & Powerful Strength LED displays the selected cut length remaining battery usage time.

Speed Display Effect (3rd Speed Effects)

Oil Reminder Display

Power Display Percentage

Charging Reminder Display When the power is less than 15% there will be a flashing light prompt every 5 percentage points will have an alarm sound)

Upgrade Charging Method Convenient for traveling  Upgraded USB charging cord can be used for charging with any USB device. allowing you to charge anywhere and more convenient than wall adapter

This item doesn’t come with Wal Adapter and on

Convenient and safe usb charging

  • computer
  • charger
  • laptop
  • power- bank

Multi-functional Hair Clipper

  • Titanium Alloy Cutter Head
  • No hair stuck
  • Smart Switch Button
  • 4 Gear Adjustment
  • No Skin Damage
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Low Noise Design
  • Rtype obluse angle

Limit Comb Installation Instructions

  • 3mm limit comb
  • 6mm limit comb
  • 9mm limit comb
  • 12mm limit comb

1.Cutter head aligned with positioning comb

2.Slip along the edge

3.Snap the cutter head to the bottom

IPX7 WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN Disassemble the blade head to rinse under running water

Long Battery Life with Capacity Upgrade 2 Charging Modes Make It Be used at Anytime & Anywhere

Changeable usage

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