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It is a smart TV set-top box with advanced configuration

It is a wireless portable smart storage device

It is a wired AP device

It is thl Super Box

  • Smart TV set-top box built-in high-definition video decoder chip supporting 4k ultra high-definition video playback
  • WIFI HOTSPOT wireless network access point
  • HARD DISK SATA3 expansion storage interface supporting SSD or HDD unlimited expansion device storage
  • Smart APP function supporting wireless transmission of mobile devices
  • Multi-account management and sharing multi-person data mass storage specify file to share to designated users
  • Multi-access supporting both Android and IOS client access
  • One key backup function of mobile phone contacts
  • Portable mobile device only one charging treasure make it give you service anytime and anywhere

Unlimited expansion, unlimited capacity The thl Super Box is equipped with SATA3 6Gbps interface that can be used with SSD or HDD hard drive allowing storage capacity to achieve unlimited expansion and thus free up the memory of your phone.

Applicable specifications of hard disk:2.5 inch
Applicable thickness of hard disk:7mm

The smart APP allows mobile phones and tablets to communicate wirelessly. intelligently classify various files and enjoy offline movies and music.

In our daily life, pictures or video recordings of drones and SLRs no longer need to be used and stored on a computer. Simply by connecting an SD card in card reader with the thl Super Box, you can use the mobile APP to perform convenient playback and also storage management, which frees up device memory records every moment of happiness, and makes easier sharing of life fun

Easy to carry, free from constraints Low-power operation In the case of going out or traveling you only need to use 5V/2A charging treasure to run it independently listening to music, watching movies and reading documents You can realize wireless access through the mobile APP terminal anytime and anywhere to achieve the use and sharing Let us get rid of the constraints of wired communication

the use of registration system account management, enjoying private space Independent account, smart sharing. Available for interconnection under LAN or WIFI hotspots . Random storage and access, free playback while enjoying. Protect privacy, safety and security.

automatic classification of file type easy to operate Smart tag management ensuring that more files can be quickly found

Anytime and anywhere wireless sharing The thl Super Box transmits through the home LAN or WIFI hotspots. It is free from the influence of the Internet and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Support the simultaneous use of multiple devices, automatic classification of office documents, movies, music documents, simultaneous access to massive information without interference. Share designated file to the specified user.

High speed transmission enjoying smooth experience 2.4GHz/5.0GHz speed transmission, whether watching movies or listening to music, enjoying you can enjoy smooth and comfortable playback, saying no to block. Less