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TOFFY Small electric ice shaver

  • Do not pick the ice box
  • The thickness of the ice can be adjusted
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Split and easy to clean
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Disassembly and storage
  • Quick ice

20 seconds to make ice After loading ice cubes, fruits and other raw materials, you only need to press the pressure plate on the upper part of the handle to rotate to mash the raw materials. The blade at the bottom grinds the ingredients into a smooth smoothie.

“Provide two different tastes (fine ice stall, coarse ice stall)

  • Fine ice stall Creamy taste
  • Rough ice stall Crisp and refreshing

Two ice boxes for easy production Whether it is pure water, milk, fruit, etc. All can be frozen in an ice box. Don’t worry if the frozen is too hard to fall off and easy to clean.

Smart storage, save space Separate cleaning is more convenient. The handle body and ice box can be stored in the base, reducing the volume and making room for the kitchen. It is more convenient to clean separately after disassembly.

Don’t put too much crushed ice The maximum capacity is indicated in the ice box of the ice ma- chine. When loading ice cubes, please do not exceed the marked line range, otherwise the machine cannot be installed.

“Frozen beverage ingredients are recommended to be loaded with bowl ice boxes and compartments

One machine with multiple functions, easy to use It is suitable for many occasions, whether it is shaved ice, sashimi preservation, seafood ice, ice jelly, etc. It can be handled easily and conveniently.

Detail display

  • Ice box/base removable and washable .Do not touch the blade with your hands in the ice port of the ice shaver. It is recommended to use a long-handled brush or thick cloth to clean it.
  • Handle body, quick ice out .There is a high-speed motor in the body to grind the ice into a smooth smoothie
  • Mechanism storage does not occupy space The handle body and ice box can be put into the base for storage