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 TURING SMART SCREEN  5 inch screen 5 inch Turing smart screen Aluminum alloy shell process

  • USB interface Exclusive R&D Hardware
  • dynamic background Support dynamic video background
  • Self-developed software More professional, occupy less resources
  1. Support horizontal and vertical switching Rotate 360 degrees
  2. Energy saving and environmental protection Turn off the screen automatically
  3. Comfortable eye protection Brightness stepless adjustment

Multimedia playback Automatically play videos or photos in SD card/internal storage when power on Supports up to 1080P video files (no need to plug in the computer, just power on)

Videos can be uploaded via software or copied with a card reader *Without SD card, internal storage free space: 10MB

Interface display Adopt intimate dual Type-c interface design Easy to install in different situations

Aluminum alloy solid shell Turing Smart Display 5-inch secondary screen adoptsaluminum alloy process The appearance and texture are excellent, the fuselage Stronger, lighter and thinner

Resolution 800*480 OSize 122*78*10mm

Dynamic Video Background thanks to high-performance processors Turing’s 5-inch secondary screen is a pioneering realization The function of UI + video background

CHIP PERFORMANCE DISPLAY HIGH-PERFORMANCE ARM CHIP high-performance arm chip Support video The powerful built-in decoding chip allows the secondary screen to occupy very little computer performance



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