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38% off UGEE HuiYing Pro Small Graphic Tablet 9 x 5 inch Electronic Hand-painted Plate Drawing Computer Board – Black Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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UGEE HuiYing Pro Small Graphic Tablet

Play with a pen Let the ideas show

New design, smooth pressure, the professional tablet adds speed to painting

  • Double Roller
  • Metal + Curved Surface
  • Can Connect with Mobile Phone
  • 60° Side Peak
  • Seamless Pen Tip
  • 8 Shortcut keys
  • Dark Night Indicator Light
  • Universal for Left and Right Hands
  • 8192 Pressure Sensitivity
  • Passive Pen

Double roller design
Exclusive technology to realize a large physical scroll wheel; the touchpad can open the mouse mode, drawing is more focused;the design fits your fingertips and the control is smoother

Physical wheel
Solid mechanical stepless roller, scroll up and down, zoom in and out

Touch wheel
Virtual induction electronic scroll wheel,fingertip touch, touch induction

Two wheels in one, double efficiency
The first dual-wheel design combined with the touchpad function helps you explore different creative new horizons

Metal curved surface process
New texture upgrade, wear-resistant metal back panel and shortcut key area, feel more comfortable; curved cladding, the thickness of the painting area is only 7mm, thinner than you think

Dark night indicator
The dark night indicator design allows you to accurately find the center of the wheel in the dark and enjoy every moment of painting indulgently. Independent lighting operation mode, self-defined brightness switch, preferences are up to you.

PA1 passive pen
Applicable to Huiying PRO tablet, the nib of the pen is more seamless, and the stroke is accurate without deviation, making the painting experience smoother.Eraser design, tapered design is more ergonomic, two-key custom shortcut keys.

Flanking inclination angle, simulate drawing on paper
UGEE’s first tablet that supports flank tilt, using UGEE PA1 next-generation pen technology,pressure pen 60-degree tilt function, imitating the real tilt brush effect, let the pen provide the most similar brush performance when tilted. Catering to different pen habits, whether you are used to board painting or paper painting, you can give you a real feeling of use

  • 8192 pressure sensitivity
  • Almost no delay
  • Shading the shadow obliquely

Connect the phone
Can be directly connected to the mobile phone, and the proportion of the mobile phone in the portrait state
Support multiple apps such as Ibis, FlipaClip, MediBang Paint, Sketch-Draw & Paint, etc., paint anytime, anywhere

  • UGEE painting APP only supports landscape mode when used on Android mobile devices
  • Third-party mainstream software uses the default portrait mode on Android mobile devices

Type-C interface
The interface does not distinguish between positive and negative, and can be used on both sides.It supports the function of drawing between left and right hands. This world should be different

8 shortcut keys
With 8 custom shortcut keys, you can easily set more function options, making painting easier and more efficient, to meet your unique usage habits

Broad Compatibility
Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64bit) and MAC OS 10.4 or above, perfectly matching major mainstream painting software

Support online teaching
Support functions such as handwriting, dash-dot lines, handwriting formulas, correction notes, etc.

Adapt to Microsoft office OneNote, Power Point, Word and other office software, support multiple live platforms such as classin, support online course teaching

Teaching scene

  • Complex school functions, handwriting online blackboard writing
  • Knowledge point drawing explanation, stable mark output
  • Auxiliary line drawing restoration, real blackboard writing experience