ULESM Intelligent Hollow Anion Hair Dryer Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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37% off ULESM 1500W Intelligent Hollow Anion Hair Dryer Quick-drying Low Noise Overheat Protected Hair Blower – Rose Red &EU Plug 220V Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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ULESM Leafless Hollow Intelligent High-speed Hair Dryer

  • Three minutes to dry hair
  • Negative ion current Anti-static and rough
  • Intelligent constant temperature Only dry hair without hurting
  • Prevent overheating and over power
  • Triple noise reduction Low bass and frequency to protect ear


  • 12 Wind Temperature/Speed Gears Switched At Will


SMART DEFINITION   Intelligent constant temperature technology Type O heating wire staggered design Maximum temperature is controlled at 85° (Not affected by the weather, the test distance is 15CM)

Strong wind , fast drying in 5 minutes  13 impellers, revolutions up to 110000/Min, . propelling strong airflow 13 liters/S.

  • 110,000 revolutions/min
  • 49 g
  • 29 mm diameter

The airflow is turbocharged and quickly output through the annular air duct, and the wind speed reaches 56 meters per second, which is equivalent to the wind speed of a class 16 typhoon

Strong airflow to dry your hair quickly

The air volume produces tens of millions of negative ions to penetrate hair in all directions, improve dryness and roughness, and nourish hair

  • Hair Dryer

Magnetic nozzle Innovative insulation technology   Keep the nozzle surface cool Can be rotated 360 ° concentrated wind drying hair

Smooth Air Collector Fast dry hair and smooth styling

Moulding Air Collector Fast dry,straight nhair, easy hairstyle

Iron Technology Moisturizing Hair  Releasing more than 10 million units / cm of negative ions per second while drying hair and preventing hair from being damaged

T-type Design Eco-friendly material     Easy to hold and convenient to use

  • Low noise design is safe to use
  • Matte material Holding Comfortably
  • One-touch Bottons One-botton control
  • Hollow Core Design Can be used to straighten hair

Multi-step adjustment

  • Switching cold/ hot air in 1 second
  • 3 gears: temperature switch
  • 3 gear: wind switch
  • on/off