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  • Atomic black plastic
  • Pay tribute to classic memories

X10-Bluetooth Speaker Multi-function bluetooth speaker

  • Support Bluetooth
  • Card
  • AUX audio three modes

a design that will rotate a different idea

Cool materials and processes

  • Layered CD texture
  • Textured metal swing arm
  • All of this material is for a cooler experience

The dial uses a new electroplating process, rose gold color, acrylic cover, and the grade is instantly improved.

  1. How to turn on the speaker Move the swing arm to the left and turn it about 35 degrees. When you hear the “TICK” sound box, it will be turned on, and the reverse direction will be turned off.
  2. How to adjust the volume With the new infinitely variable speed technology, the button is twisted in the right direction, the volume rises. When the volume is Max, a “beep” sound will appear, otherwise, the volume will be lowered.
  3. How to switch songs Click to switch to the next song Double click twice to switch to the previous track.
  4. How to connect Bluetooth Turn on Bluetooth settings Search for Bluetooth name: X10 Click to connect You can use it right away

Professional large-diameter voice coil for a more natural sound

Better bass
The bass diaphragm design at the bottom not only restores the sound source, but also makes the bass sound more outstanding. Less